Mobile Friendly VS Mobile Responsive

There are more mobile devices on the planet than there are humans, go figure! Mobile devices are all the rage - from iPhones, iPads, Androids, Smart Phones and Tablets all showing different views of YOUR website! So how is this affecting your online presence, how does your website stack up? Is … [Read more...]

Make Sure You Have the ‘Ultimate Email Signature’

Don't let your email signature be a 'blind spot' for you. It actually really can make all the difference in building your business. If at a minimum, this helps you get more click throughs to your website, and that's from qualified people. So they're likely … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a Good Email Signature: Summary

Graphics & Design: No links in a main image, unless it’s your main web link and it’s obvious it is (Like Mark Fregnan’s in the video) Sharp images, not blurry graphics Size, not too big or small Mugshot, your photo for personalisation, and confidence, trust factor No links in … [Read more...]

Rockingham Beach Primary Campus – Education Support Centre

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Rockingham Beach Primary Campus Primary

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TMS Financial

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Is Your Website Secure?

Does your site have a secure connection online? Really easy to find out if it does. Does it have a green lock? Open your site now and check up in the address bar Website with NO Green Padlock (No SSL) Website WITH a Green Padlock (Yes SSL) If your website is NOT showing the green … [Read more...]

Remote Observation Systems

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Do you own your own ‘personal name’ – as a domain?

Don’t you think you should? Shouldn’t this be a part of your online IP (Intellectual Property) strategy, and protection? To my mind it’s all a part of positioning yourself online, AND protecting the integrity of ‘you’ as the person behind your brand. When I started online 10 years ago … [Read more...]

Simple Way to Create a Killer Marketing Sequence

When I talk to business owners, a lot of the time I find out that they sit down ready to set up a marketing campaign or sequence. Wrong… How would you like an easy way to capture your ideas to start to collate all the data, the information you need for the best online marketing strategy, and … [Read more...]

Legal Advice Help

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