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Stop Wasting Your Time and Money on Social Media

  Is your money and time going down the social media black hole? You may wonder what I mean by...
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The Power of YouTube For YOU

Did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the planet? Only Google is bigger. Every month...
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Big Tip # 1 Content Leverage in LinkedIn

When you post in LinkedIn there are 2 ways to load that social content. Either as a 'Post' or an...
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3 Facebook Video Options

There are several ways to do a video on Facebook. 1) Facebook Live 2) Premiere 3) Pre-Recorded Video There are...
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Guru YOU in Facebook or LinkedIn Groups

A great way to build your authority and attract potential clients is to add value where they are hanging out....
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Images on Facebook – the Scroll Stopper…

When it comes to people on Facebook, imagine this ... They are sitting on a train and mindlessly scrolling through...
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Smart Ways To Recycle Your Social Media Content

Most social media posts don’t have an expiry date. They’re what we call 'evergreen'. So, your post can be as...
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Save BIG Time With a Social Media Scheduling Platform

When you are trying to fit all the business activities into your life, sometimes it's just tough to get everything...
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How Often Should You Post?

The answer to this question has changed a lot over time. Social media algorithm changes have changed the answer to...
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Handling Negative Reviews

Online Reviews are the most powerful way to build trust and help potential clients make the decision to work with...
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Increase Your Circle of Influence

The more 'friends' or connections you have, the more buzz you’ll generate. BUT this is not a vanity competition, as...
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Create a Social Media Content Plan

Once you've got all your social media platforms set up, it's time to create a social media content plan. This...
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