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Jun 28, 2023

The Client:

Keiron is a high achiever that’s for sure.
When he first approached us he wanted all the elements, yet didn’t have the finance and had a little uncertainty in his business, his APB coach recommended starting with base package and staging, so went with the lower $ turn-key site, added some ‘modules’ along the way, time blocks etc, then came back a few months later and added the CRM. He asks a lot of questions, very detailed guy.
I even helped him out with some tips on recruiting/managing a VA.
So really was a ‘staged’ growth model, which we take pride in having that available.

Keiron needed a new website that better reflects the exceptional work they do. With their outdated website, they were not getting enough new leads. It needed optimisation, clean up and more engaging content.

Keiron’s APB coach recommended starting with our base package so we went with the lower cost turn-key site and added ‘modules’ along the way. We added social media integration, online compliance and time blocks. A few months later we also added the CRM.

We loaded the turn-key website template on a staging site and, Keiron having provided the content and assets early on, loaded all the website copy. We used the time block to do custom styling on the project detail pages and the Process page, added his Instagram feed, and worked on the online compliance module.

It’s been a few months and Keiron has raved about his website. You can listen to APB’s podcast with Keiron Moore where he talks about his experience with Smarter Websites here >

The Before and After:

This is how the website displays on a PC



The Praise:


"Smarter Websites are truly the best in the business, from our initial brief right through to the completion of the website was seamless, we were well informed throughout this process and are extremely happy with the new website and its performance. If you want the best speak to Peter he will explain the process and importance of a optimized website"
You can listen to APB’s podcast with Keiron Moore where he talks about his experience with Smarter Websites here >

The Package:

Services/Modules Used to Solve the Problem

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