Offline Marketing

Trade Shows and the Like

A great way to get your business out there is to attend trade shows that your ideal client or target...
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Smart Contact Tip # 2

This is actually an online tip in the offline marketing list, but as a follow up to your networking. Make...
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Smart Contact Tip # 1

So you've been to a networking gig, you've had some decent conversations. You collected a few contact business cards, rather...
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Build Your Database, But Build It Better

In these 'networking' and 'offline marketing' tips the whole key here is increasing your circle of influence, and building your...
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Become an Expert Connector…

Most people when they arrive at a networking event, gravitate to people they already know. It's human nature, easier to...
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Networking – Digital Connections

For many people, it seems the accepted practice at networking events is to hand out as many business cards as...
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Create a Real Elevator Pitch

Some business types are really easy to explain what you do. For example ... I sell lawnmowers in Dunsborough. Or...
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Connect with Local Business Owners To Get Constant Work!

Ever considered networking? Does the thought scare you? (Seasoned networkers still read on, so you can better help newbie networkers)...
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The ONE Thing you Should NEVER Do In Flyers

Never put your business name and logo at the top. Why do people even insist on doing that? The chances...
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SEGUE: Offline Marketing

There's stuff we do 'online' and there's stuff we do 'offline' to build and grow our business. Online - website,...
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