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Want to make sure your new website shows up in search engines, attracts quality leads and turns them into customers?
Then your next stop is our SEO copywriter.

What’s an SEO copywriter, and why do we recommend them?

If you have no clue what to say on your website or it’s been online for a while but is barely attracting any sales, then we need to write copy (marketing text) that helps you get better results. Most of the time, websites fail because of what people forget to say on it or how they say it. An SEO copywriter writes what you need to say to attract better leads and turn them into sales.

3 Ways Our Copywriter Can Help

Grow Organic Traffic

Increase traffic with people-friendly copy optimised with your keywords to make each page show up in search results and attract quality leads, not timewasters.

Sell Without Selling

No need for pushy sales talk that turn people off. Your copy will sound conversational to resonate with people and make them want what you’re selling.

Engage & Educate

Add a blog section to your website to showcase your expertise and make people know, like and trust you enough to buy from you. Also great for your SEO ranking.

Now imagine emails in your inbox and your phone ringing off the hook because people want your product or service after reading what’s on your website.

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Done-for-you SEO copy

Most website clients who request SEO copy had been told by many marketing professionals that if you want sales, you need to “talk about your WHY”, “focus on benefits, not features”, “make it about the customer” and to “write like you speak”.

OK, great. Easier said than done, right?

But not everyone can be Stephen King. Words don’t just appear on our blank pages.

How do you know what you need to say to attract sales?

And even if you have a pretty good idea, how exactly do you say it? How do you say it so that your pages show up in search results? How do you say it so that you stand out? How do you explain what you do, why you do it and why people should trust you to do it for them?

What if you have an online store that needs a lot of product descriptions? How do you condense the huge amount of information into short and sharp product descriptions that make people pull out their credit cards?

These are just some of the things business owners struggle with when designing their websites, and in turn affect their sales.

But that’s where our Done-For-You SEO Copywriting comes in. You hand the reins over to our in-house copywriter who knows the Australian market inside and out, makes time to understand your market and has a lot of experience writing for businesses no matter your industry.

We hired someone local who is that good. Yes, really!

Warning! Our copywriter will give you a little bit of homework to do, nothing hard, just some questions so they can get the wording right, your tone of voice on point and get a good understanding of your offers and guarantees. You won’t regret your investment!

A-grade copywriting attracts
A-grade leads and turns them into
A-grade clients

Ask anyone in your favorite Facebook group for businesses and they’ll tell you good copy should help you rank better on Google and attract the right people who are already looking to spend money. Perfect, and they’re right.

But beware: some will suggest hiring a blogger or virtual assistant with little to no experience writing sales copy. We don’t recommend that you do this. Invest in someone who know what they’re doing and who has already done it for numerous businesses.

People who are not copywriters are not sales writers, just like plumbers who know nothing about fixing cars are not mechanics.

Hands of an office woman typing

Copywriters are sales writers and content writers, meaning they use the correct sales writing techniques and patterns to take your leads down a journey that makes them say:

“Oh, these people know exactly what I need, what I’m struggling to achieve, and the results that I seek. They sound like they have the solution that I need, so I must hire them! Let me email/call them.”

And some will share your website link even if they haven’t even hired you yet! That’s how good your copy should be.

At the end of the day, you want a professional copywriter to help you:

  • Sharpen your positioning statements

  • Write what your visitors expect to read

  • Create attraction, engagement and connection

  • Showcase your expertise to improve your credibility

  • With content writing that drive traffic and sales

  • Aim for superior SEO rankings

Are you struggling to write for your website?

Ask us how to get your copy professionally written so you can attract more sales.

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