Website Content and Copywriting

Imagine your phone rings off the hook constantly with people desperately wanting to get their hands on your product or service as a result of them being on your website.
Not happening?

Might be as simple as your copy sucks?

If your website is talking about you, rather than your potential client, yeah well, that’s an indicator straight up.

Warning! Even today we still see sites being built with opening lines like “Welcome to our website”. I mean, seriously, if you have anything inane like that on your site you are in trouble from the get go.

You have about 8 seconds to impress someone so make sure you get your ‘copy’ right.

There is no use spending the money on getting a site built, then the effort of getting visitors there and then losing them – is there?

‘People want to do business with people’. To share your core story about the ‘why’ you are so successful, why you are so good at what you do will help people to ‘get’ it!

Good copywriting will help leads convert to prospects to become ‘A’ grade clients –

Want to beat the competition and climb the Google charts?

  • Better engagement and connection
  • Solid credibility strategies (lose this line if it’s too long)
  • Stronger positioning statements (lose this line if it’s too long)
  • Superior SEO rankings
  • Faster list building

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when you get the copy on your website to involve and engage your readers. New orders and contracts coming in and you’re receiving a stream of emails, all with new business.

If you’re struggling to write for your website, landing page or emails.

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