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Great testimonials help prove YOU are the go to person for your industry or niche. Get more sales,
and they're easier sales, it's that preponderance of evidence that you are the leaders in your field.

smarter reviews

Unique Features

If you can get your testimonials into online RAVE reviews,
now that is GOLD!


An easier way to get online rave reviews! Automated testimonial collection & display.


Fix spelling mistakes and make amendments on reviews already submitted.


Displayed on your wall of love and can easily publish their comments to other platforms.

"Did you know that online reviews also HELP your website climb the Google Charts?"

What if there was an easier way to get online rave reviews?

Cheerful women holding a golden star icon

When is the best time to get that testimonial or rave?

Right when the person is at their absolute highest 'raptness' (rapt with joy)

What if within seconds of that conversation or feedback you could send them an email (templated and personalised) asking for that review, and it would only take them 30 seconds (so you know it would get done)!

  • Would that make life easier?
  • How many more testimonials do you think you could get then?
  • Do you think your testimonials would be more emotive and passionate?
  • So what if then, you were able to automatically direct them to your online and social media platforms to get that review online?

Pretty awesome right!

By online and social media platforms we mean..

....... and the list goes on.

What others say about you is infinitely more profound and powerful than what we say about us.

Powerful marketing

So for you to be able to fully leverage testimonials, recommendations and case studies online... very powerful marketing is this (said like Yoda).

If you're not doing this, it's like you're scoring 6 out of 10 for your marketing efforts, and why wouldn't you want a 10 out of 10 leverage score?

Your Google Business and Map listing is a massive opportunity for brownie points with Google, and SEO rankings BOOST benefit.

Who doesn't want that?
For even more social proof that you're a legend at what you do, your clients could get directed straight through to your Facebook Business listing to give you a star rating.

The leverage in that is huge, you send a simple personalised email and all of a sudden you're being put in front of an audience you would never otherwise be put in front of.

But there's more...
Let's not forget what happens to a 'True Local' Business Listing. These reviews show up online, complete with a star rating.

Did you also know when peoples do their 'due diligence' on you, as in search for YOUR business name online, your 'True Local' listing shows up in the results as well.

So does your Google Business Review AND your Facebook Reviews.

google business

See the evidence below

There is pretty well no limit on what online review platform we can direct them through to.


Absolute gold

You do one thing, and all these benefits unfold.

Your social profile and circle of influence is on the 'up' and all you did was ask for a testimonial.

BUT because it's in a unique way your getting a BOOST in responses!

One reason is because it's so easy for them to do...

AND more relevant and passionate responses because it's timely...

AND it's out in the land of social signals, not just limited to your website, so again, better leverage.

Make sense?

Frequently asked questions..

What if they give me a lousy review?

Well, you'd only send the review request to those you're confident in a positive response BUT here's one element of 'sexiness'...

The review does need your 'approval' before it's displayed.

What if they don't know the best way to give a clear concise powerful testimonial ?

We have 2 strategies to help you get sharp, focused powerful client raves, and that's also included in this 'Smarter Reviews' package.

What happens the review is sent?

It automatically gets posted to your Smarter Review dashboard for approval and then displays on your website. How cool is that?

No copy paste or any actions required. Just click and it's done!

We understand what it's like as a business owner, too many things to do and not enough time to do them, so we've automated this process.

It will look something like this on your site, there's a few different ways to configure this but we'll look after all of that.

Oh yeah, and there's a link through to ALL your reviews section on your site, better for SEO and humans.

What about 'permissions' to use the testimonials in your other marketing?

Yup, we thought of that too.

If the client rave is placed direct on one of the social or directory platforms there is implied permission, because it's direct on the internets, so that can be used anywhere in your other marketing anyway.

But what if it's placed direct on your website?

Can you then use it elsewhere in your marketing?

Watch this very short video on the 'sexiness' of this , really, watch this -

Great when we get reviews, but if we don’t respond, again, we’re not leveraging like we could or should.

Testimonial tags

Specific placement of reviews.
eg: service 1 reviews are placed on service 1 page to further reinforce the power and force of the work you do


Automation rules

Automatically approve testimonials that match your rules.
eg: reviews from Google with a star rating greater than or equal to 4
reviews from Facebook with a star rating greater than or equal to 4


Widget options

Display your most recent testimonials in a grid or as a dynamic carousel. Embed an individual testimonial at a specific place.


Review marketing

Automatically share your best testimonials to social channels and drive more customers via the power of social proof.

review marketing


Automatically import new and existing reviews from Facebook pages and Google My Business listings.

fomo popups

FOMO Popups

'Fear of missing out' popups on your website. Social proof notifications designed to showcase your reviews and convert customers.

Do you want more referrals as well as reviews?

If you don’t respond, or acknowledge your reviews you’re leaving money on the table, that simple.

We’ve made it easy with ‘Smarter Reviews’ to get more reviews, but the end game here is to also get more referrals.

Question: Who is the best ambassador for your business?

Yes, those people who love you, and just gave you that awesome review.

So how to respond?

We have that covered, you'll also get our 'Review Response' worksheet. This is a FULL suite of powerful emotive heartfelt responses that will help turn your new business ambassadors into referral machines.


What if it's a negative review?

smarter reviews

We have that sorted too. People just want to be heard, something happened for them, so with the right response you can turn that initial reaction into a positive and they can still remain ambassadors.

Make sense?

I think you can see this is the pinnacle of online reviews and integrating it as a marketing machine into your business. This makes a massive difference in helping business owners just like you get a handle on all there is to do with getting better reviews, getting more online reviews, with broadening the range of online platforms for your reviews, with then leveraging that into more referrals, and then with the side spinoff of better SEO results it's an actual no brainer...

Oh, one more thing...

Third Party Online Review Services

There are businesses out there that are offering 'Online Reviews' as a service, trouble as I see it is that it's on their web platform, so the review process is hosted by them, seems weird to me.

Why would you not want to have this built into your own website?

screen mock up reviews
review social share

Get more reviews on other platforms

Not only does Smarter Reviews collect reviews for your website, but you can also generate more reviews on other platforms. Including Google My Business, Facebook Pages, Trustpilot and more. All you have to do is link the platform.

Reviews already posted on Google or Facebook will automatically display on your website's wall for love.

Request process


Step by step so you don't have to think how to -

  • Get MORE reviews
  • Convert 1 great review into 3 or 4 reviews across ALL your social platforms

Social Proof is THE pinnacle of all testimonials and reviews.

Having a step by step formula and process for getting a 9 out of 10 response rate is worth an absolute fortune in itself.


We all love having new clients referred to us right!

Easiest way to get new business, plus they end up being an A grade client, because they've been referred. They're already confident in our ability!

Built in to the review requests steps is a referral request step that will boost your ideal client referrals from your happy clients


Linkedin recommendations

The second most authoritative reviews on the planet in my opinion, second to Google Reviews only because Google displays their reviews so well.

LinkedIn Recommendations carry so much weight simply because of the integrity of the recommendation, it HAS to have come from the person account so there is a high level of authenticity

The trouble is you need to go hunting for your recommendations, so you're not easily able to showcase them to the world.

Smarter Reviews enables you to manually import your LinkedIn Recommendations, and display them in chronological order, with a LinkedIn Badge to display them proudly to the world.

Best to showcase ALL your online reviews right? GO Smarter Reviews!

With 'Smarter Reviews'


  • Step by step systems to get more web based reviews
  • Proven templated review request
  • Follow up proven high conversion review requests
  • Step by step system to convert web based reviews to social media reviews
  • The ability to 'group' reviews into specific service based reviews


  • You're a top of mind thought even more than usual, so you're likely to get more referrals.
  • More web traffic direct to YOUR website = Brownie points with Google.
  • People are then staying on your website longer = Brownie points with Google.
  • More likely you'll get an increase in page visits too, while there on your site they're bound to visit more pages or posts = even more brownie points with Google
  • The Smarter Reviews model just keeps getting better

Does all this make sense so far?

All of the above and this

The 'Smarter Reviews' package

  • Web 'Reviews' page setup with online profiles, images, links
  • 'Add a Review' software integrated into your special 'reviews' page
  • Clear concise powerful testimonial guide page setup
  • Testimonials Premium plugin installed and configured
  • Permission Based Reviews configuration setup
  • Star Rating configured
  • Testimonials 'Widget' display area created on your website in up to 2 locations as required
  • Email request templates to BOOST your responses and quality of reviews
  • Full Suite 'Review Response' worksheet
  • How to deal with negative reviews quickly and effectively
  • A comprehensive list of all the online platforms for reviews
  • Massive directory listing for more reach online
  • How to add a rating or review, and edit or manage your contributions, all on Google Maps.
smarter reviews package1

Can you see how you can flip the whole getting online reviews and recommendations into a referral marketing machine for your business?


Don't hesitate, as Victor Kiam of Remington said "Procrastination is opportunity's natural assassin"
(Same guy came up with the line "I liked the shaver so much I bought the company")


Jump into 'Smarter Reviews' NOW!

  • Do you want more reviews?
  • Do you want more reviews, but easier than ever possible before?
  • Do you want the reviews to help your SEO (search engine optimisation)?
  • Would you like to get more referrals from the client ambassadors you have?
  • How great would it be that this was all rolled up into a neat little package, that was done for you, with an easy to follow step by step system?

Start Leveraging NOW!
(so you can sell the company for a lot more)



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