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Why Every Website Needs an FAQ Page!

FAQ is an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions. And we all have them, those common questions people ask over. 3...
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Best Website Platform to Build Your Website On, and Why!

This topic might get some people offside, tough... The top 6 platforms, in order, are - WordPress Joomla Shopify Drupal...
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Lead Generation Online

Question: Out of 100 visitors to your website how many can you now market to? When people visit your website,...
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Free Image Websites To Get High Quality Images

You can get high-quality free images online It can be quite costly to pay for every image you use for...
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Increase Trust, and Credibility

Ever notice when you get referrals how much easier they convert into a client? Or how much easier they are...
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Mobile Responsive Checks

How does your website look on different mobile devices? How quickly does it load? How well does it actually function...
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User Experience – Engage with Your Web Visitors

You have 5 - 10 seconds to let your new web visitor know they are in the right place! The...
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Remember, You Are NOT Your Client!

We have created some seriously stellar websites over the past decade-plus. The biggest hurdle is sometimes our clients. Sorry to...
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Online Brochure vs Calls To Action Websites

What style website is yours? All some businesses need is an 'Online Brochure' style website. They use it as an...
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Why the Bottom of Your Website is SO Important!

The 'footer' section of your website helps 'pull' very important information together, and adds to the whole better 'user experience',...
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Are You As Easy To Contact As You Think?

When someone visits your website, how easy is it to get in touch with you? Is it REALLY easy? Don't...
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SEGUE: Simple Website Checks…

This first series is focused on your website, and whether it qualifies as a high performing website. Why focus on...
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