Be the Local Online Hero

If you want more local customers,
ask an expert in local search services to help you rank locally.
(Someone who’s done it plenty of times for many clients.)


What we mean by 'rank locally'

First, you ensure that your website and any online mentions of your business make it clear that you are local. This involves the expert in local search services helping you with citation building. This means that the name, descriptions, website address, local address and phone numbers of the business should pop up in search results across the web and social media platforms when local people look for local businesses that do what you do. It’s what we call local citations, and they help people discover your business.

Secondly, the more accurate and consistent the information when you do local citations, the better for your SEO points with search engines. You need to be 100% consistent in the name (abbreviations), address (unit or suite or floor number), and phone number (+61? Use spaces or no spaces?) used when building citations. This level of local citation building helps search engine confirm that you’re you, and therefore show as many instances of your listings as it can in the search results.

What does being a 'local online hero' look like once you start to dominate Google?

The more local citations you do, the more you start to leave your mark wherever you go. This means your online reach increases and so more people will discover you. They start to click through, causing an increase in quality traffic back to your websites. Your online presence therefore helps to promote your business 24/7 while you sleep, and all for with no ongoing costs.

Again, it’s all about leverage. For every effort or action you invest online, you’d want to make sure it counts, right?

Anything that doesn’t count just slows you down, keeping you from achieving your online marketing goals, and limits your reach and exposure. So why would we waste that time and effort?

Let’s focus on citation building that count!


Get a local Google SEO plan
that increases your ranking

Google’s been pretty clear about the rules of engagement and the ranking factors, but it’s the attention to detail that makes all the difference when optimising for local search results.

We’ve helped so many business owners play and win this game well and now we’d like to help you do the same. We’ve done this by offering a once-off fee that won’t send your cashflow into the red because you will soon reap the results from the SEO changes we apply for your business.

Look, there is actually more to the Google Business Tools Module, but I don’t want you to slip into a trance or coma with an information overload. But we can certainly talk you through the rest of it to help you see the massive boost it can bring to your business.

Call now on 08 9439 2820 or contact us now via the website to get started on your journey for local world domination.

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