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Sleek, professional design — without paying a fortune.

Perfect to get you Live in 5 Days*

Start with a high-quality, out-of-the-box website

The Website

An SEO-friendly, mobile-responsive website with a content management system on your own domain.

The Content

Pre-loaded with your copy, branding and SPAM-free contact form to help convert leads, so it pays for itself.

The Benefit

Designed to get you online FAST without spending a fortune or buying tools you don’t need.


  • Security & Support

    We provide Dedicated Server SSD hosting with spam protection, backups service, restore guarantee, full-managed support with updates and upgrades to your website and plugins.

  • Live in 5

    If you’re quick in providing everything we need, we can launch your website within 5 Days flat. Let’s go Live in 5 Days!

  • Built-In Additions

    You get an SEO-ready website that comes with anti-spam comments catcher, contact/booking forms, state-of-the-art airtight security, plus anti-malware, fully optimised pinging services, site tracking and traffic, and social media tracking.

  • Never Need a Rebuild Again

    What happens when you want to edit your website? Your website is built on the 'Smart Page Builder' Platorm which is a true 'front end page editor' meaning it's simple to edit & a cinch to future update, so literally 'future proofing' your website! You will NEVER have to build another website ever, it can just evolve as your business evolves.

  • Content Management System

    Full easy-to-use content management system for editing pages, creating blog posts, uploading images, adding galleries, embedding videos and so much more. Follow our video tutorials or let us manage the content for you.

  • Plugin ready

    Each design is developed to accommodate popular plugins for your specific niche. These plugins can be added (additional cost applies) help you improve how you run your website and how you offer resources to your customers. For example, you can add calculators, quizzes and downloadable resources.

What’s Your Industry?

Choose your industry from the dropdown below or browse through the list of turnkey websites:

We’ve Been Building Niche Websites for 11+ Years

We introduced these systems after noticing a common theme from clients who were looking for professional websites for their niches. Read our Turnkey Website journey:

Working with so many industry specialists and professionals over the past 11 years, we noticed a common thread:

“We need a way to help get us online quickly and cost effectively,” people said.

“But we also need to be able to further develop that website as we grow our business!”

So, we spoke to our designers, our marketing people and tech team, and they said:

“Let’s do it!” Hence the Turnkey Industry Website series were introduced.

Smart Profile Website

Not ready for a niche website?

Get a Smart Profile website instead, because even if you’ve been around for years, potential clients will do their due diligence to check out the person behind your business.

It’s also a great option if you have a tight launch budget. You can later expand your website yourself if you follow our built-in video tutorials and support.

Smarter Accountant Website

A site that helps people to trust you with their books.

The Smarter Accountant website is an out-of-the-box design with the unique business needs of professional accountants in mind.

Plugin ready to allow optional accounting tools that can be easily installed into your website to showcase elements such as calculators, graphs, charts and forms to engage more customers.

Let’s get you online before the next tax time!

Smarter Finances Website

Attract and educate more customers.

Every financial advisor or planner needs a professional website to market their financial services and helpful financial resources.

Plugin ready to allow optional money-related tools to offer elements such as quizzes, charts and forms that will boost engagement and move potential customers to reach out to you.

Let’s figure out your website needs, so you can be online in no time!

Smarter Personal Trainer Website

Easily attract health-conscious clients.

Get online fast with a website designed for personal trainers, yoga instructors, Pilates instructors, fitness coaches and home gym owners who want to attract more clients.

Plugin ready to allow optional fitness-related tools to easily upgrade your website to showcase your training and nutrition programs, share videos and grow your business.

Whatever your goals, we can help you achieve them.

Smarter Business Coaching or
Life Coaching Website

A true reflection of your goals and passions.

A perfect design for the business coach, business advisor, business consultant or professional life coach.  It has a clean, attractive and professional layout to help you lead by example, because your potential clients want a coach who appears to have a pretty good handle on their own business and life before they can advise others.

Plugin ready to allow optional tools such as bookings, self-evaluations and downloadable resources.

Let’s show off your coaching experience and inspire your ideal client.

Smarter Wellness Website

We help you get online while you help others.

A wellness-themed site is perfect for anyone working in the wellness industry, including health coaches, wellness coaches, nutritionists, dietitians, naturopaths, masseuses, acupuncturists, aromatherapists, chiropractors and health writers.

Plugin ready to allow customisation to suit your business needs, and can include tools that facilitate bookings, checklists and quick self-evaluations.

We’re ready to create a website for you, no need to stress!

Smarter Photographer Website

A clean website that makes your photos pop!

As a professional photographer, you deserve a clean, minimalistic and distraction-free portfolio website that places emphasis on your photos. Your new website will help each photo stand out to help you attract more customers.

Plugin ready to allow optional tools if you’re selling your work or accepting bookings online. We can help you seamlessly process your sales transactions through your website.

Shoot us an email to discuss your photography website.

Smart Broker Websites

Offer solutions that make clients choose you.

When customers are shopping for loans and insurance products, they often ignore brokers whose websites are not user friendly and informative. They expect to easily locate and compare key product information before contacting you, meaning they want quick access to information.

Plugin ready to allow optional you to offer resources, tools and calculators that help customers check their eligibility to trust you with their money.

Be helpful with Smart Broker website that grows with your business.

Smarter Salon Website

Create a nice and strong first impression, every time!

Want to attract more clients to your hairdressing salon, beauty salon, day spa or health retreat? Visually showcase your expertise and services with a beautiful website that uses your real photos to make your salon outshine the competition.

Plugin ready to allow a suite of optional tools for promoting your offers, boost bookings and encourage customer reviews.

Get ready to attract more customers through your doors!

Smarter Trades Cleaner Websites

Sparkle like a diamond.

Whenever a customer starts shopping for a cleaning company, they want to see whether the cleaning company has a clean website with an online gallery of their previous work, plus a list of customer reviews. If your website is a mess and lack the key information, such as your policy regarding the environment and pet safety, and the reasons customers should choose you, then they will be less likely to request a quote.

Plugin ready to allow optional tools such as quote calculations and a chat tool.

Let’s make a good impression with a clean, customer-friendly website.

Smarter Trades Gardener Website

A well-manicured website that attracts business.

Are you a gardening warrior or a landscaper looking for more leads?  The Smarter Trades Gardener website offers a tidy home online for your business, so you can make a positive first impression on anyone searching for gardening or landscaping services.

Plugin ready to allow optional tools such as service lists, Before & After galleries and client reviews to help you grow your website and your business.

Let’s chat about your website and how it can grow with your business.

Smarter Trades Mechanic Website

A useful website to drive traffic to your repair shop.

More and more customers are looking online for mechanics who offer easy online booking and showcase their reviews. You can do this and more with a niche website for mechanics, including use videos to educate customers, offer special deals, and upload the details for payment plans.

Plugin ready to allow optional tools as your mechanic business grows. There are other powerful website tools we can activate under the bonnet. If you need something, we can tune it up for you.

Let’s jumpstart your website with a quick chat.

Smarter Trades Bookkeeper Website

Bookkeeping doesn’t have to be boring!

Be the bookkeeper who stands out and attracts more customers because their website is better than that of the competition.  Your new bookkeeper’s website can be loaded with beautiful images and stories that reflect your personality.

Plugin ready to allow optional helpful tools that allow customers to learn from you, see why you’re better than others, and then reach out to you.

Keen to see some examples? Book a quick call today.

Smarter Trades Electrician Website

Need a website that sparks more engagement?

As a professional, you deserve a powerful website designed to showcase your credibility and motivate leads to book your services. With a clean modern website that shows what makes you a professional electrician, you’d easily outshine the competition and show potential customers why you’re the best sparky for the job.

Plugin ready to allow optional tools for displaying more elements on your website, including display your electrical work and customer reviews, and even sell electrical products online.

Isn’t it time you transform your electrical business?

Smarter Freelancer Writer Website

A home for you to share your own story!

Are you a freelance writer who is too busy or doesn’t have the skills to design their own website? Would you like a professional website that’s affordable and easily updated as your business grows? A Smarter Freelancer website is the perfect launching pad for your freelance business, giving you a home on the web to tell your freelancer story, showcase your portfolio and publish a blog that helps to attract more leads.

Plugin ready to allow optional tools such as order forms and calculators that help clients get instant rates for the work.

Ask us about websites for storytellers like you.

Smarter Freelancer VA Website

We design your virtual home while you assist others.

With more and more businesses popping up, more busy business owners are searching online for virtual assistants like you. But if you don’t have a professional website that makes your services show up in search results, they simply won’t find you. And even if someone recommends you, there’s nowhere to check you out to see whether you’re experienced, credible and a good fit.

Plugin ready to allow optional tools such as tools that show off your expertise, display client reviews and accept bookings.

Let’s book a Zoom call to discuss your freelance VA business.

Smarter Graphic Design Website

First impressions matter, and you know it!

With so many graphic designers entering the creative market, potential clients have a wider pool to choose from when shopping around. When shortlisting graphic designers, they check whether you have a professional website with a high-quality portfolio of your work. Potential clients tend to choose the graphic person whose website wows them the most, so it’s vital that yours help you stand out. And yes, you can absolutely design the graphic elements for your own graphic design website. Just leave the web development part with us and we’ll create a home for your branding, portfolio and reviews.

Plugin ready to allow optional tools if you want a more complex website.

Let’s create a graphically awesome website so you stand out.



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