We all dream of having an abundance of only ‘A’ grade clients, are we right?

How do we make that a reality?
When a lead converts into a prospect, how do we filter them so we only talk to these ‘A’ grade prospects?

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PROSPECT QUALIFICATION: a systemic approach for filtering leads so you either –

  • 1 Talk only to a higher calibre of prospect so get higher conversions into paying clients
  • 2 Ascend lower quality leads so they become 1
  • 3 Don’t waste any time talking to tyre kickers but they stay in your newsletter funnel for future possible conversion

So 1 above gives you more of 2, and more of 2 gives you more of 1, and so it goes on. Gotta love that right?

And 3, well they might convert one day, but you haven’t wasted any time, OR they may even refer you to someone else, coz you’ve duly impressed them along the way.

If you apply this ‘prospect qualification’ process into your business… it’s a game changer.

Change the Game

Change the game by having your website designed in such a way, and your lead generation and conversion ‘system’ setup that automatically helps them filter themselves.

It also goes to positioning, which can quite often lead to you commanding higher rates for what you offer, as well as that higher calibre client, which can give you better referrals so more high calibre clients.

Make sense?

There hasn’t been an industry or niche we haven’t been able to apply this to.

Take the drama and emotion out of qualifying your prospects, so you can just get on with doing what you do best, and make more money doing it.


Start Qualifying Your Prospects Today!


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