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Want to connect with serious decision-makers and buyers from your niche?
Then you need to be on LinkedIn, the most popular social media platform for brands, their bosses and employees.

We create a strong LinkedIn presence for your business by first setting up a high-quality personal LinkedIn Profile for you (and any other directors and employees) that’s designed to showcase your expertise for others to see you as a leader in your niche.
Then we set up a professional LinkedIn Company Page for your brand that appeals to your ideal customers. We link the two to ensure other professionals can find you through either the Personal Profile or the Company Page.

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We do some LinkedIn optimisation which involves adding your keywords to help potential customers, suppliers and collaborators to discover your Profile and Company Page in the search results on LinkedIn and Google. Once they click through to your pages, the LinkedIn profile photos, branding and descriptions help visitors to get to know you, your business and what you’re offering.

In addition, there’s be a strong call to action to encourage them to reach out to you, whether you want them to chat with you right there on LinkedIn, engage with your content or visit your website.

A cost-effective tool
to reach more decision makers

Professional LinkedIn Profiles and LinkedIn Company Pages are designed for all types of businesses. Size and budget don’t matter. LinkedIn exists to let you use someone else’s social network platform to your advantage without having to pay a fee.

Through LinkedIn, you can promote your expertise and products, reach new people, convert them into buyers, ask for feedback, conduct research and do so much more. The only time you pay to use LinkedIn is when you want to place ads to attract specific professionals.

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Our LinkedIn services include:


Our LinkedIn specialists work with you to understand your business and its sales and marketing goals, and then based on these goals we move to developing your unique branding assets that would help you and your business stand out.

Developing the branding

We work with you to develop your branding assets (banner, profile photo and anything else discussed during our consultation). We discuss any information and resources that you must provide and then we create everything required. We’re quite organised, so you can expect a clean step-by-step system that’s easy to follow.

Setting up your Profile and Company Page

Next, we set up or improve and optimise your Personal LinkedIn Profile and your Company Page so that people can find you. This includes setting up a profile photo, inserting a cover for each page, creating the description sections, LinkedIn optimisation, setting up links to your website, products and services and setting up the main call to actions. Everything must entice people to contact you and must reflect your brand, its voice and colours. This consistency allows people to detect your content in their LinkedIn feed.

Cleaning up irrelevant materials

If we’re working with existing an Profile and Page, we go through any old content to ensure everything is consistent with your current goals. We go through the page sections to make sure everything is optimised for people who discover you organically and those who find you after using your keywords.

Want to stand out on LinkedIn?

Our LinkedIn marketing services help you set up a LinkedIn Profile and a Company page that make your business appear serious and professional. By using a LinkedIn optimisation strategy, we help you attract the right people so that when they click over to your page, they are already interested, making it a lot easier and faster to turn them into customers and connections.

Get in touch today if you’re looking for a LinkedIn marketing agency that is experienced at using LinkedIn for business,
including optimising for search engines.

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