Marketing Paralysis… the Struggle is Real!

Marketing Paralysis… the Struggle is Real!

Marketing paralysis.

It’s a thing.

I’m going through it right now and you probably will too at some point.

Coming up with marketing ideas, and something to promote, is NOT the issue for me. I’ve got a gazillion things I can offer that would help you online. So, no problem there.

It’s deciding which one to go with first, and getting the sequence right, that can sometimes send me into paralysis.

What about you?

How do you decide what to promote to clients?

How do you prioritise what to focus on?

What would help them, and, obviously, be a cash cow for you?

While we all know that being genuine about helping people is paramount for success, some people do struggle when trying to be strategic about it.

And that shouldn’t be...

Lady with Marketing Paralysis sitting at desk in office

If your heart is true, and your product or service will help solve a problem, as a business owner, you need to be strategic about your marketing.

It doesn’t mean you’re not authentic, not genuine, it just means you’re thinking it through to get the best outcome for everyone. You want as much new business from your marketing, and help as many peeps as you can at the same time. Right? Makes sense?

How can you get strategic?

What would be the best and simplest offer you can make that would give you a boost in business? (And help peoples.)

What’s your offer?

What ‘puzzle pieces’ do you need to make it work?

Is it a simple and well written engaging email campaign with a link to book a session or consult with you?

Is it an email with a link to a web page with a special offer?

Is it a series of social media posts with links to a web page?

OMG, I see so many social media posts with no links back to their website, hello! (That was sarcasm)

Then there are all the pieces that you might need in your marketing campaign.

So, for an email campaign, there’s writing the email itself and getting the time to send it. Should you also do a blog post to link to first, then send it?

Or is it a social media promotion? Then what are all the pieces that would make it work?

So many things to think about. That’s why most people just don’t know where to start.

Or they do start and get side-tracked, never make it work, then second guess themselves, and hence…


I’ve always been a proponent that ‘MASSIVE IMPERFECT ACTION beats perfect inaction’…

BUT we don’t want to look like idiots, or look unprofessional, or like cowboys, right?

The reality is, we just need to get it done and out there. People who see it are more understanding than you think. Plus, to have your marketing out there is better than ‘perfect inaction’ and NO marketing out there!

So, at this point, I’m wondering what would be the best ‘offer’ in this spiel?

I could talk about our ‘Evergreen Social Media’ program, or our new ‘SEO for Every Business’ program (and they’re great, by the way).

But I figure…

Why not ask business owners what they’re really struggling with?

From what they’ve told me so far, the most rudimentary thing is “getting new clients”.

Would that be right? If yes, then what does that look like for YOU?

And what can I offer you to help you move closer to getting new clients?

Some say they prefer a 15-minute consult. If that’s you, then that’s my offer to you!

I guarantee that in 15 minutes I can suggest at least one thing you can do to get new clients.

Even if we simply share on social media that we had a catch-up, it’s bound to be a win-win with us promoting each other.

Schedule Meet with Peter

Or would you prefer a full website audit, truly valued at $275, so you can find out WHY your website isn’t attracting new business?

I guarantee to find at least 3 tweaks that can be made to your website that would make a huge difference for your business. You’d be surprised to see how it’s the simple things that are stopping you from getting clients through your website.

Personalised Actionable Report



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