Stand Out in LinkedIn and Grow Your Circle of Influence

Top 7 Optimisation Tips and Connection Tip

Optimised LinkedIn Users Are 40 Times More Likely to Get Contacted!

** To access your profile on mobile, use LinkedIn App, top left, ‘view profile’. It is certainly easier to edit on desktop back in office. Do NOT try to edit on mobile, too hard.

Make a statement, use EVERY space to be clear about what you do, how you can help. Your website ‘hero’ image (at the top of your website) should nail this anyway, so use a version of that. Make sense? After updating, check what it looks like on in the LinkedIn APP on mobile. Who thinks they could use a better background image in their profile?

Make sure your photo is current. Using a profile photo from 20 years ago might make you look good online, BUT you need to get real, or you’ll shock people when you meet in person ?. Does your photo need updating?

Optimise your ‘Headline’: Your ‘headline’ is just under your profile image and name.

Use keywords related to your industry, but not industry jargon.

Having ‘Managing Director at Company Name’ does NOT help you be found when someone is searching for an industry expert in your field.

LinkedIn is a ‘search engine’, a big database of information, just like Google is. If someone searched for ‘recruitment’ and that’s your specialty, wouldn’t you like to be on page 1 in the search results?

Make it ‘attention grabbing’. You have a 220 character limit. Make a few notes now on what you think might work better, count the characters and spaces. Use ‘pipes’ to separate sections if needed, see the demo.


** The screenshot is the desktop display. On mobile it’s accessed via 3 dots in the same section. DO check, what does the world see?

Make it easy for people to get in touch. Are you easy to get hold of?

MOST people are not. It’s not a good reflection, and you might not get contacted! Wonder why?

Is your email listed? Is your best contact number listed? Is your website listed with your company name?
Check Peter’s profile later for demo

This is an opportunity to showcase your core skill sets, AND also a short ‘About’ section, make it a snappy, share your genius!
Newspapers have headlines. Why? To get the story read, so start strong, so they click the ‘See all details’ to your ‘Services’ summary page.
You can also add ‘Media’ so if you have images that tell a story about your work, load them too.

Top right on your profile is the link to ‘Edit public profile & URL’. Most people have gobbledegook LinkedIn link, personalize the URL for your profile. If your name is already taken, consider using ‘the’ as a prefix or a middle initial.

Add as much information to each of the ‘Section’ options as you can.

Work experience:
Even if this is unrelated to your current role, or expertise, nowadays this adds to your breadth of knowledge and is well accepted. Don’t sell yourself short. Do NOT have 2 profiles because you’ve had 2 distinct careers.

Education: This is BIG!
Even your primary school! When you do add your school, LinkedIn will then ‘suggest’ people to connect to those with similar information. A great way to increase your circle of influence of possible known connections.

We’ve had members then be connected with people from their distant past, who have then done business with them simply because of that distant history. It’s the “people do business with people they know, like and trust”.

Build up your connections.

Your ‘policy’ on this is your choosing. ‘Policy’ meaning: You can connect with people you either know, or know of, or go hard and connect with specific people with the intent to perhaps target them. Your choice.

Be mindful when getting connection requests yourself, are they connecting with the intent to ‘sell’ to you?

Be mindful when getting connection requests yourself, are they connecting with the intent to ‘sell’ to you?

#1 MISSION: Connect with your local District32 circle members first, then connect with ALL Distric32 Members.

Spend 10 minutes a day building up your network. Go to ‘My Network’ in the top menu.
Remember, only those your connected with will see your LinkedIn posts, so increase your ‘circle of influence’.

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