Ready Reckoner Presentation

Ready to make this year count?

Say goodbye to New Year's Resolutions and hello to accountability made easy with this inspirational session.

With all the mentoring, business coaching, master-minding, you pick up some gems right? Those nuggets that stick with you, and help you get through.

Join me (systems freak extraordinaire) and Lorraine Garvie of District32 as we walk you through the templates, systems, and processes I've picked up from top mentors, to help you stay on track in your business and personal life.

Don't miss out on this complimentary session full of good banter, valuable insights, and the chance to think differently.

Get the template and create your own 'ready reckoner' that will help shape you and your business in 2023.

Create your own 'ready reckoner' that will help shape you and your business in 2023.

Download your Power Goals Ready Reckoner

Template for statement:

  1. One word to describe the essence of your brand e.g. Growth
  2. One or two words to describe your overall mission e.g. Success and Freedom
  3. If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you be/do/have in the next 5 years? E.g. Be: National Franchise. Do:  Serve 5000 Members Have: Valuation $10M

Create a driving statement:

District32 Example: We stand for GROWTH. Our mission is to be a national franchise, serving 5000 Members and have a valuation of $10M to create success and freedom for all.

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