Social Media Integration

Want more leads from social media?
Let’s embed your social media feeds into your website
so potential customers can connect and engage with your business.

Social media integration is a cost-effective way to get more social media influence for your brand through a wider audience.

Why your social media accounts
should be accessible from your website

Have you ever noticed the social media buttons on a blog post or news article online? These social share buttons have been installed to encourage readers to share the content with their friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and elsewhere—without having to copy and paste the content.

Someone reads your content, then clicks the 'share' button, meaning they're now marketing YOUR content to an audience you'd never otherwise reach, GOLD right?
If the average person has 2,000 freinds on Facebook, your content was just placed in front of 2,000 strangers, and it didn't cost you a cent, or require any effort.

And maybe you’ve noticed how some websites automatically stream content from different social media platforms to their websites. This helps to encourage website visitors to Like or Follow the accounts and content.

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Another way is to use social media integration to automatically promote blog posts to gain social media influence. This means that as soon as a blog post appears on your website, it appears on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platform that’s playing the social share game. Nice, huh?

You can even integrate social media into your commenting section on your blog posts (using something like Disqus or Facebook Comments), to encourage people to use their social media accounts when commenting. This helps increase engagement from social media while at the same time helps to eliminate fake or troll comments.

Direct Messaging is also very popular nowadays, because social media users expect to be able to communicate with your business without typing an email or making a call. They expect a chat box to pop up so they can chat with you while they go about their daily routines.


There are other ways to integrate social media platforms into your website for social media influence

But these are just the top reasons businesses are doing it. And this isn’t new, it’s been a huge thing for ages, but not many businesses are doing it—simply because they don’t understand the benefits.

Our clients are increasingly asking for social media integration because they’ve seen how it has helped their competitors increase engagement, gain more shares, grow their online communities and reach more people. They know it would increase brand awareness and boost sales.

Since integrating their social media accounts into their websites, they’ve seen how much of a perfect, cost-effective social marketing strategy it is, since they suddenly get other people to do their marketing for them. Plus, this happens while our clients are busy doing other things and, like we like to joke, their marketing is ticking along while they sleep.

Can you see how social media integration can cause a positive ripple effect in your social marketing?

How we do this for you

The system that we use to integrate your accounts content from different social media platforms into your website is ready to go. We can quickly add it and help you grow your audience right away.

It’s easily customised to match your social marketing goals. This means we can add buttons and feeds where you need them without overwhelming your visitors with annoying pop-ups and unnecessary clutter.

The social integration tools are mobile friendly to ensure they work well on all mobile devices. They adapt to the screen size and can also be hidden when not required.

The integration is seamless and compatible with all WordPress websites that we create and manage, which means it should not break your website.

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Get the social stats...instantly!

As soon as website visitors start to interact with your social media buttons and feeds, you will start to see the stats. This comes with the social media platform integration service to brief you on the key numbers and activities. This way, you see what’s working best, what’s gaining more social media influence, so that you can do more of it.

Start getting more social media shares today! You’ll gain more exposure for very little effort because it’s automated!

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