We love leverage. Do one blog post, and it's sent out over the internet and onto your
social media platforms, all on auto pilot.

Massive exposure for not that much effort, and mostly automated so really good use of time (bonus).

Do one thing and many other things happen, so you get the search engines 'pinged' (sort of like internet sonar) and they come to your website, people then visit your website, then other folks visit your social media profiles and read your new 'stuff'.

They can then 'share' that info with their friends and connections, so all of a sudden you're being put 'in front' of people you wouldn't otherwise be put in front of.

Now that's leverage!


But wait, there's more!

Did it work, how many times was that shared, if it's hard to track what is working we lose interest (human nature).

Simple Reporting - how many shares on what platform? how many likes, all easy to access and read so you know what's working.

We generally recommend focussing on 2 main social media platforms for your social media activities. Doesn't mean to say you don't have other social profiles set up but just more that you focus and 'drive' 2.

Those other social profiles we can link up for even more leverage but with the focus on driving 2 most business owners get better results.

Most of the people we help use Facebook and LinkedIn, if yours is an industry that can benefit from images, where you can showcase your work then perhaps Instagram or Pinterest might be of value. We can talk about how that might work.

Start leveraging today! Massive exposure for not that much effort, and automated

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