Custom Content Page Styles

Wondering how to liven up your boring static web pages, engage your visitors and get better website conversion? You can easily improve your website with our custom content page styles.

For each page, choose a customised internal page designed to deliver a pleasant customer journey from the moment a visitor opens it.

Each visit is your big opportunity to establish your credibility, earn the visitor’s trust and establish good rapport with them. It’s like when you invite someone into your office (or you go to them), you want to make sure they enjoy their time learning about you and feel comfortable enough to do business with you.

So it’s crucial that your website content, including the words, images, layout and buttons are laid out in the right pattern to help visitors take action. Whether you want them to call you, submit a quote request or download a checklist, the customised content page guide them through that journey and move them to do what you want them to do.

There is a suite of custom content pages to choose from depending on the website content you want to display, such as your About Us, Services, Gallery or Portfolio.

It’s simple to convert your website into a prospect converting client qualifying online money-making machine. Just give us a call now on 08 9439 2820 to see how we can integrate this into your WordPress website. Or Contact Us via email.

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About Our Company

An About page template featuring a video background and editable sections.

About Us Page

Use a bio to brag a bit about yourself with this About Page template.

Personal Branding

Show off your skills to the world with a bio page for freelancers or anyone wanting a résumé landing page.

General About You Page

Use this personal branding template as your blogger bio, media kit, summarised portfolio or résumé page.

Services Page

Another must-have page for any freelancer, agency or other service-oriented business.

Services Page #2

We’re all doing something, right? Hustle your hustle with the services template.

Photography Portfolio

Showcase your amazing your photos with this photography and design template.

Team Page

Use this stylish template to show off the members of your epic team, committee or board of directors.

Team Page #2

Another modern team page template that can be tweaked and customised for your team, committee or board of directors.

Team Page #3

Together everyone achieves more. This template shows off your team, committee or board of directors.

Contact Page

We offer several contact page templates for personal and professional uses.

Contact Page #2

All contact templates use our simple contact form module that can easily be replaced with a custom form.

Contact Page #3

Need to feature a map and office hours? This is perfect for offices, restaurants and shops.

Contact Page #4

A clear and easily accessible contact page is a pillar of high-quality customer service.

Contact Page #5

A more personal contact page template that features social media buttons.

Blog Post Grid

This Pinterest-inspired post grid layout is an eye-catching take on the modern blog.

Gallery-Style Blog

One of three blog post templates that make your content stand out and offers topics to encourage readers to read more.

Traditional Blog

Easily display your blog posts with this highly customisable standard blog layout template.


Sometimes people ask the same questions over and over. Display the answers on your website and send people there.

FAQs #2

A slightly more minimalist take on your a Frequently Asked Questions page. Also, features a call to action at the bottom.

Pricing Page

Peddle your wares with our clean and elegant pricing table template.

Pricing Page #2

Our pricing templates use our default pricing table builder that can easily be replaced with another pricing table builder.

Newsletter Subscription

E-mail marketing is still wildly effective. Capture e-mail addresses with our newsletter subscription template.

What Others Say About Us

is infinitely more profound and powerful than what we say about us.

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