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SEO is the foundation of website marketing.
If you get it right, you’d boost online visibility, traffic and revenue for your business.

Improve your Search Engine Optimisation to attract more business

Ask any serious business owner about their number one website marketing goal, and they’ll tell you they want it to appear on Page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Yet when you ask whether they know why they haven’t achieved this, most don’t realise that it starts with the SEO at the core structure of their websites. They think all we need to do is insert the best keywords into their content and do a lot of backlinking to their websites.

Nothing could be further from the truth. There’s a lot more to SEO than to embed keywords into the content and pointing traffic to it.

No matter how much you play with keywords and links, if your website has major issues stopping it from functioning properly, it will still struggle to show up on Page 1. Most of the time, it’s not obvious that there’s even an issue until you try to find out why your SEO isn’t working.

It’s all about following a structured method, our SEO Kickstarter, which is a tried-and-tested method that keeps helping us make sure that Google sees a website in the best possible light.

We follow exactly what Google says that website developers and SEO experts must and mustn’t do. This is what we call “play the game with Google and Google will play the game with you”. It’s the best and fastest way to get your website on Page 1.

So, who is this SEO Kickstarter package for?

It’s for you if you’ve been online for a while, yet…

  • you’re still not appearing on Google, Yahoo! and Bing
  • your website traffic has dropped and you have no idea why
  • your incoming emails, calls and leads have declined
  • foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar location has reduced

Or maybe you recently launched a website and want it to attract business for you.

If it’s business growth you’re after, then the SEO Kickstarter will help drive traffic and sales for you…every day.

How we ensure your SEO is healthy and profitable

Our SEO Kickstarter package is a powerful and effective method that puts your products and services in front of your consumers. It increases your presence in search results by improving your search engine ranking for your specific niches and locations. Our proven method follows the ethical SEO standards and guidelines and will change whenever Google changes its rules. This way we can help you stay ahead of the competition.

The SEO Kickstarter package includes the following and more:

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Competitive analysis

This baseline research is highly valuable. It helps us analyse the competition and your business. By comparing the two, we can understand what your competition have done that you haven’t, what they’re doing well and why they’re attracting more business.

This analysis helps us determine what to do to improve your SEO to boost your rankings and online presence.

Site speed and core web vitals

Page performance is super important for your SEO.

That is, are visitors getting a positive user experience? Can they easily see and interact with your page and the elements on it? Can they do this without feeling frustrated and annoyed?

Search engine companies willingly tell us all this information because they know that the better the user experience, the more people will return to a webpage, and the longer they’ll spend there.

We can look at core web vitals such as memory and server resource optimisation, whether your page is quick to load, mobile-friendly, free of invasive pop-ups, free of malware that can scare users, free of redundant assets that could harm your ranking, plus whether elements such the WordPress themes and plugins are updated, and your fonts, images, scripts and codes are optimised and squeaky clean.

It therefore makes sense that we start with the site speed and core web vitals at cPanel level when making improvements to your SEO. The healthier your pages, the better for your ranking.

We then give you access to some easy-to-use tools for you to check the improvements for yourself. That’s the definition of transparency.


Full Benchmark Report

We run our diagnostic tool to look at what’s working for your SEO and what’s hurting your website and how that’s harming your ranking.

We go through the website structure and design, and rate the on-page optimisation, website speed, mobile responsiveness, internal links and backlinks, social media elements and so much more.

We check for what’s missing (e.g. alt tags, internal links and meta data) and identify which Google rules you may be breaking (e.g. dead links and too much keyword stuffing).

A Full Benchmark Report shows you a Before-and-After, including what things were like when you brought your website to us, how long your website used to take to load, and how things are looking now that we’ve made the adjustments and improvements to the core of the website and its setup, configuration and optimisation.

Image optimisation

Images can make or break a website. If they’re ‘heavy’, they’ll affect how quickly your web pages load. By ‘heavy’ we mean their weight in bytes.

The heavier the image, the more you’ll notice that your website loads slow.

Improved WordPress website speed is a huge ranking factor in Google’s algorithm, because if your website takes too long to load, people will ‘X’ out of it. When too many people do this, it tells Google that there’s no point suggesting your website in search results.

Meaning fewer leads for you, more sales for your competition.

That’s why image optimisation is important. When we find any images that are dragging your website, we reduce them to the smallest quickest loading file size WITHOUT compromising image quality.

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Mobile responsiveness review

If you want to make the Google Gods even happier, make sure your web pages perform well on all mobile devices in addition to desktop devices.

Google favours websites with responsive design that offer a seamless, positive experience to mobile users. Therefore mobile-friendly websites are displayed higher in search results.

When we optimise yours for mobile, we look at how easy it is for your visitors to get to your page and locate what they’re looking for.

This includes analysing your site for the following:

  • How does your site look on different mobile devices?
  • How quickly does it load?
  • How well does it actually function on different devices?
  • Can people click on your navigation menu?
  • Is there anything affecting accessibility?
  • How easy is it to transact?
  • How easy is it to contact you?

If we find any issues that are costing you conversions, we’ll suggest mobile-friendly (and SEO-friendly) design solutions that adapt to different mobile devices, screen sizes resolutions.

Securing your website against hackers

There are different levels to security with website.

We host and manage full complex ecommerce websites that process between $3,000 to $15,000 per day in transactions. These sites can’t afford to be offline for even a few minutes, let alone be compromised in any way.

If your website is not secure, we can do the following to protect it:

  • Configure 3 extra security levels at website level
  • Apply 3 extra security measures at server level
  • Run a full in-depth scan of your site
  • Do an initial full backup of your website files, folders, images and database

From there, depending on your Managed Support Level, we set up full backups to occur weekly or daily.


Keyword research
for better ranking

If you want a website to succeed, you need to know which keywords will help you target the right customers. Yet, keyword research remains a critical step that many website owners skip when doing their own SEO.

Our method dives deeper than Google Suggest and Google Trends to identify specific keywords and keyword phrases that people actually use to find businesses like yours.

We also look at how many leads are using those keywords, whether they’re ready to buy and whether the search competition is easy or tough.

We use all this information when optimising your website to give you the best ROI in the shortest time possible.

Other SEO strategies for your website

We offer two higher-level SEO strategies: The Static SEO and the Dynamic SEO.
When we can help you determine which of the three services would work better for you.

SEO Kickstarter, Static SEO or Dynamic SEO?

Static SEO

A one-off strategy to make your web page Google friendly. The techy stuff includes keyword research, creating the meta data, achieving the right keyword density and other on-page optimisation strategies.

Dynamic SEO

This is the ongoing stuff we do in addition to ensuring your pages are Google friendly. Some are static SEO actions while the rest start at one level, then we review and raise them to a higher level.


Our SEO packages help you appear in Google, so potential customers can discover you more often.

If your website isn’t doing this for you, ask us about our current SEO offers.



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