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When we take on new sites to manage, update or rebuild we often find the biggest issues are the core structure of the website.

This can hold your website back from getting MASSIVE results, which is especially frustrating given the time, money and effort that goes into building a website.

You can't make a Maserati from a Mini, and even when you move forward with SEO (search engine optimisation) you're not going to get the massive results you could, simply because the core site structure is not right!

This is about leverage. You want 10 out of 10 points for every action that is taken, in your marketing, in your blogging, in all your SEO efforts and investment.

You don't want a 6 out of 10 score.


So what do we do in the Site Optimisation and SEO Kickstart Package??

We can't tell you everything, or we'd have to maim you to keep our closely guarded secrets, but this gives you a sense of the detail we go to. And success online, is in the 'attention to detail'.

To be on Page 1 in Google, and win the 'game' with Google, you need to have 100 points, and SEO is certainly a big part of that, but if all that work is done on a flawed website structure, with certain 'errors' and 'issues' then the full benefit is not realised. This is a one off structured process we go through to make sure that Google sees your site in the best possible light, play the game with Google and Google will play the game with you 🙂

Full review of site core structure.

  • With resetting of core site, setup, configuration and optimisation.

Next is:

  • Is the site fast to load? (Is the 'cache' (site speed assist) plugin the best on the market)
  • How are the SPAM Comments being handled?
  • What contact form software is being used? Does it store the contact details within the site admin are?
  • Does it have a full up to date pinging services integrated?
  • Site Developers named as page and post author! Not Good (brand and verified ownership integrity issue)
  • Plugins duplicated, similar function plugins being used causing conflict
  • Incorrect country listing for website (Yup, happens all the time)

Google loves interlinking!

  • Having links on one page leading people through to another related page is gold. Imagine being able to have that automated? Yup, we do that too.

Review of core meta data settings, and baseline SEO.

  • We also review what is known as the 'permalink' structure of your website and advise on that.

Review and optimisation of your business listing with Google.

  • Also includes request to Google to reindex site so it WILL get a boost index in the search engines.

We add our SEO Suite of Plugins.

  • All based on improving the performance of your website.

Security, the biggest threat to your website!

There are different levels to security with website.

We host and manage full complex ecommerce websites that trade between $3,000 to $15,000 per day in transactions. These sites cannot afford to be offline for even minutes let alone be compromised in any way.

  • Configure 3 extra security levels at website level
  • Apply 3 extra security measures at server level
  • We do a full in-depth scan of your site (good website hacks you do NOT see for a long time)
  • Do an initial full file, folder, image, database, backup of your websiteFrom here, depending on your Managed Support Level we will setup full backups to occur weekly or daily.

Image Optimisation

Images can be the make or break of a website.

They can make you look good, they can showcase your service and products so the prospects is enrolled and signs up to buy your widget, BUT if your page loads slowly because of big heavy images it might cost you that sale.

Remove that risk by having ALL of your images optimised.

Yes, ALL. We'll review all of your images and ensure they are the smallest quickest loading file size WITHOUT compromising image quality.


Mobile Responsive Review

  • How does your site look on different mobile devices?
  • How quickly does it load?
  • How well does it actually function on different devices?
  • How easy is it to transact?
  • How easy is it to contact you?
  • We normally identify at least several issues that are costing you conversions.

We normally identify at least several issues that are costing you conversions.

Mobile device views can be higher than 50% depending on your products, services and client demographics.

Techy Stuff

We install and configure our suite of plugins that help play the game with Google.

Looking at Schema, NAP and other core site configurations.



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