HDMB Relaunch

Jan 23, 2024

The Client:

HDMB stands as the premier authority in the art of revitalizing early century residences, elevating them into tailor-made modern homes. Established by the visionary co-founders, Jay and David, in 2017, the company specializes in delivering top-notch extensions and first-floor additions across Sydney's Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, and the Lower North Shore.

Initially called H Design Manage Build, Jay aimed to simplify the brand to HDMB. The website underwent a transformation, adopting a sleek, minimalist design reminiscent of a high-end brochure, reflecting the company's commitment to sophistication and streamlined elegance.

Jay opted for our Smarter Premium package, complete with Custom Page Styling, to elevate his website to new heights. Additionally, we enhanced it further by incorporating various modules, including Google Business Tools, Online Compliance, and SEO optimization. To accommodate any unforeseen requirements, Jay wisely secured a 5-Hour time block for out-of-scope work.

We began by requesting Jay to complete our model website brief, allowing us to grasp his preferences and requirements. Following this, we organised a comprehensive discovery, strategy, and wireframe session to delve into Jay's vision for his new site. Presenting him with our initial draft, Jay expressed admiration for the design.
Subsequently, Jay took the initiative to revamp and enhance the copy from the previous hdesignmanagebuild.com.au site.
Prior to entering the build stage, we scheduled another discovery session with Jay to confirm that our plans align seamlessly with his vision, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding.

An exquisite and refined website that provides a superior user journey. Enhanced with a cutting-edge CRM system that ensures a seamlessly streamlined and elevated customer experience.

The Before and After:

This is how the website displays on a PC



The Praise:


We are all very excited here, everything is looking amazing....
The site looks awesome!
And thanks to the team for the recent improvements to the mobile version. Reads really well.

The Package:

Services/Modules Used to Solve the Problem

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