How BIG Is Your Footprint? As interviewed by John Denton


How BIG Is Your Digital Footprint?

Do you have prime keywords on Page 1 in Google?

Find out how the world, and Google views your business online.

Does Google even know you exist?

Get some cool tools, learn some new tricks, and find out how Google thinks and works so YOU can become the ‘local online hero’ for your business.
We find SO many websites have keywords on Page 2 in Google, so close to glory, yet so far. IMAGINE what your business would look like if you were on Page 1 in Google.

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Today we’re going to focus on how Google views your business online, and your website.

How BIG is your digital footprint?

You’re going to walk away with –

  • your website and online presence benchmarked
  • understand better how to play the game with Google
  • actionable insights to implement

Everything we do online is to please 2 entities – People and search engines

Play the game with the search engines, and we get more people.

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I’ve created an online series > 100 Days to World Domination in Business

To help business get on track, and stay on track with easy to implement ideas for boosting their business

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Let’s get started…

Benchmark: Need to benchmark EXACTLY how Google view your website and digital footprint right now, before you touch a thing!

Make sense?

We do, because how can we get bragging rights when we do SEO and get results if we don’t know where we started.

Google Index Check:

  • Go to your website
  • Copy and Paste URL
  • Go to type in

‘site:’ followed by URL and hit search

The – About xxx results – is how many pages Google has indexed of your website.

Benchmark Step 1 done.

Go to > – make sure you are logged in so test runs on Australia

Screenshot the results and save them in the same folder.

Benchmark Step 2 done.

Make sure you have Google tracking code, called Universal Analytics > UA Code:

Right click on teh background of your website, Check for existing Google ‘UA’ tracking code [ctrl > F > ua-]

How do Google even know what to rank your website for?

  1. Meta data
  2. On page elements
  3. Content

Many other factors, backlinks, directory listings, etc

Meta Data Check

Your Title and Description are the first indicators to Google of what you want to be known for

Title and Description are known as meta data

Here’s the tool I use – SEO META in 1 CLICK

PLUS I will review some of your site in just a moment

** I will be looking for volunteers

For a good first impression, they should be the right length:

  • Meta titles: max 70 characters, including spaces
  • Meta descriptions: ideally between 150 and 170 characters, including spaces

If you make them too long, Google might cut them off.

If you make them too short, they might not give all the information Google and your visitors need.


Google don’t rank websites, they rank web pages, page by page.

So your home page will be known for one keyword, or set of 3. Other pages should then be set for other keywords


You need to understand. This is you now having a conversation with Google Bots telling them what you want to be known for.

It is NOT the END of SEO, just the beginning.

Then you need to look at what is know as ‘on page SEO’

Titles, same as in Word Docs, exist on your pages

GMB – Google My Business (Review Status)

Go ‘Incognito’

  • Enter your business name, as it is registered in GOOGLE
  • Enter > Smarter Websites (as demo)
  • How does your GMB show, in comparison to Smarter Websites?

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Benchmark your website before

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