Is Your Website Secure?

There's a 'thing' called an SSL, which is a security certificate on your website, which make people feel safer when...
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Keep Your Plugins and Software Up To Date

People are often shocked when their website gets hacked. Many business owners think that because their website is not a...
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Reduce SPAM Emails, Save Time, Reduce Stress

Save time EVERY day by reducing SPAM to your email inbox. If it's bad now, I'm telling you, it's only...
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SEGUE: Say Security and People Shut Off or Freak Out

This category most business owners avoid until it's too late. Hey, I don't go techy here, you can pay people...
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Complex Cryptic Email Passwords

If you use birthdays, initials or simple passwords for your email account, your email account WILL be hacked, it's not...
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