To help business owners and you ‘stay on track’ we've released ‘time blocks’.

Always a good idea to further develop your website and online marketing efforts.
Business evolves, the market changes and we need to keep up to date with that.

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The idea is simple, you need ‘stuff’ done (WordPress Web Development) on your website or online marketing and we want to make that simple and easy to manage. Yes you have a CMS (content managed system) but sometimes it’s just easier to pay the man the money and you stay focused on your core strength in your business.

By pre-purchasing a time block from us we simply do the tasks as requested, track the time it takes against your time block and any unused time is kept in credit.

We also do WordPress Website Training

Plus we've made it ‘scalable’ meaning the bigger the time block or more you want done the cheaper the hourly rate. It’s simple logistics for us, the more involved it is the longer we’re ‘on the job’ so the more efficient we are so the better the rate.

And we operate with total transparency, but you know that about us. We show you the time sheets as we go, we’re not here to build up time, we just get on with the task at hand.

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So what is chargeable? Everything of course, we’re damn good at what we do, but you know that about us as well.

We just want to give you the best outcome from our:

  • marketing advice
  • the briefing
  • the graphics
  • the coding and development
  • to social media enhancement
  • and all that is a part of your online marketing.

Here are the time blocks

Give us a call on 08 9439 2820 to clarify how best for you to make this happen. You can also save by investing into larger 'time blocks', you choose -

Single Hour Only

$165 inc GST
  • 1 hour

2 Hour Block

$275 inc GST
  • 2 hours at $137.50 p/h

5 Hour Block

$660 inc GST
  • 5 hours at $132 p/h

10 Hour Block

$1210 inc GST
  • 10 hours at $121 p/h

* Please Note:

  • Time Blocks are PRE-PAID
  • We don't do refunds for any unused time, BUT we will hold it indefinitely until you do require more work done.
  • It is NOT exchangeable for any other product or service.

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