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People often ask what is it we do in our Dynamic SEO program

We've broken the whole Organic SEO into 2 distinct methodologies

Static SEO

Static SEO meaning a one off action, and making a web page Google friendly. The techy stuff is keyword research, meta data (Title & Description) creation, keyword density, Titles and other on-pace optimisation strategy's.

Dynamic SEO

Dynamic SEO is the ongoing 'stuff' we do. Some things can be one off actions, but many are done at a certain level, then revisited later and done at a deeper or higher level.

We prioritise the actions depending on the website too, some sites we built and are at a higher level to begin with, others have intrinsic issues that need to be rectified before following our 'normal' SEO process to get them cranking the Google Charts.

Some actions are ON the website, and other actions are OFF a client's website.

'Off' meaning things like optimising a Google Business Listing. It's not technically 'on' the website, but it's an action that will be beneficial to the business and the SEO results.

The infographic we did below pretty well sums up most of the variations and actions that occur in our 'Dynamic SEO' programs.

5 Standard Levels

Pick a level, to suit your budget, and 'speed of need' for results.

Don't sell yourself short though, too tight a budget means you'll be waiting longer for the extra traffic you need to boost your business.

Start as high as you can and review and adjust at some point as you need.


per month


per month


per month


per month


per month

Or any number in between for custom plans.

Now here's the biggest question we get, how long before we see results?

We're playing in Google's backyard here, and it depends on your industry, and competitiveness, it's that simple, but our experience shows we'll have runs on the board within a few months.

Here's the thing: Play the game with Google, and Google will play the game with you.

There has NEVER been a better time for small to medium business, with the focus Google is placing on LOCAL SEARCH results.

We do what you can't do, but then we'll show you easy things you CAN do to help BOOST the results. Make sense? Win win right!

No lock in plans either, all we ask is you commit to 3 months minimum to hit the Google Charts. If you want to pack it in, all we ask is for a polite 30 days notice.

Plans can be upped and tweaked to suit, but consistency is key for holding your rankings.


Workflow Infographic

The infographic we did below pretty well sums up most of the variations and actions that occur in our 'Dynamic SEO' programs.

SEO Infographic

Within 2 months of our site rebuild going live and the SEO work we had 12 keywords on Page 1 in Google and an amazing 44 keywords in the top 10 pages with another 52 keywords close behind and soaring up the Google charts. Nothing short of miraculous Peter, thanks.

Dean McKain

One Stop Patio Shop

Peter, the SEO work you’ve been doing has paid off already.When you said a new website would help, I have to admit, I was a bit dubious at first, but your reasons made sense. I have to say, our new website has far exceeded my expectations.

It looks absolutely stunning, and we’re in awe of the difference this will help make our branding stand out, and get us results. I can see now what you mean now about function too, with the new get a quote form and how it gives a better client experience. The site looks awesome on a mobile as well and loads really quick. Starting to see the results already.


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