Mobile Responsive Checks

Mobile Responsive Checks

How does your website look on different mobile devices?

How quickly does it load?

How well does it actually function on different devices?

How easy is it to transact with you?

How easy is it to contact you?

We normally identify at least several issues that are costing you conversions.

What’s a conversion? You have a visitor ON your website right now.

When they contact you, that’s a conversion. A lead conversion, then you do ‘stuff’ to get them as a client. Make sense?

Mobile device views can be higher than 50% depending on your products, services and client demographics.

All the websites we build are mobile responsive, but we do need to test them before going live.

Smart Actions:

1) Check your website on your mobile phone

2) Then turn your phone sideways, landscape mode. Check your website again. Working as it should?

3) Do you have a tablet? Check it on that, both in portrait and landscape mode. Look OK?

3) Check your website on your friends’ phone, a different type of phone. All good?

4) Is a ‘Call Now’ button visible at ALL times, as in, when you scroll up and down people should be able to see the ‘Call’ button?

There is a thing called ‘Mobile Optimisation’ as well.

Every website these days is Mobile Friendly or Mobile Responsive.

Mobile Optimisation is advanced ‘tweaking’ of the mobile device version of your website, to help get better results.

Mobile Optimisation is literally where we design a desktop version, and a mobile version and the tweaking could be editing out large text blocks on a mobile device, to better suit that mobile user demographic. Make sense?

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Peter B Butler

Peter B Butler

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