Social Media Marketing Optimisation

Even if you’re not into Social Media yourself, your clients are…


Social Media Marketing Optimisation

  • Better Organic Search Engine Rankings
  • More Back-links which strengthens your online positioning
  • Increased Traffic and better Ranking
  • Improve your Credibility, Authority & Reputation
  • Superior Personal Profile Positioning Tool

The numbers are staggering:

Facebook: Over 900 Million and growing strong AND now over 11 Million in Australia.

LinkedIn: 150 Million and growing at nearly 1 Million every week AND now over 3 Million in Australia.

And if you don’t position your business NOW… you WILL get left behind! No more can you afford to ignore where YOUR clients a hanging out!

Did you know your business social media content is ‘indexed’ by the search engines? That means more online exposure and for virtually free.

If you’re already pro-active on the social scene you may only need one or a part of these modules.

Although it’s easy enough to set up Facebook Business Pages and LinkedIn Profiles very few people optimise them well or effectively or know how to ‘drive’ them effectively.

It’s like having a score of 7 out of 10 – Good but not good enough to get the maximum results for your time and effort.

You need a score of 10 out of 10 to get the social runs on the board!

The power in Social Media Marketing cannot be understated. Even for people who don’t fully understand it we advocate starting somewhere or you’ll completely miss the boat.

OFF Your Website - Social Media Marketing Profiles Optimised

  • Social Media Marketing Hardwiring between Site & Platforms
  • Facebook Business Timeline Page
  • Linked In Profile and Company page
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

Other Social Media Profiles Set Up:

  • Google
  • Gravatar
  • WordPress profile

We tie it all in to your Google Account from the “Business Suite Toolbox” too.

  • Google Account
  • Google Profile
  • Business Listing
  • You Tube Account
  • Link You Tube to Google
  • Website Analytics & Tools

ON Your Website – Social Media Marketing Profiles Connected

  • Social Media Profile ‘Follow’ buttons
  • ON Page and Post Social Sharing Buttons and Tools
  • RSS feed for followers
  • FB Like Box & Stream
  • Twitter Stream
  • FB Comments

We start here by “Hard Wiring” your new Smarter Website with all your social media profile.

When you add a new listing or make a post – Imagine if that could get sent to all your social media profile in one go. You do one thing yet you get 5 times the exposure. Now that’s leverage, and smart marketing!

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