If you want people to find your business in Google’s local search results,
get a professional to optimise Google's own tools, to improve your local rankings on Google.

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If you’re local, why not be
the online local hero?

Google wants to serve relevant and local results to the people who are searching locally for products and services. So, if you make it obvious to Google that you’re a local business with something to offer (products, services or content), then they’ll take notice and start listing you in search results.

That’s because Google wants to appear helpful, otherwise people will go to other search engines or use social media to find what they need.

By optimising your website, Google Business listings and other listings the right way for local searches,
you’ll quickly become an online local hero that Google will pull pages from when delivering content.

At Smarter Websites, we have this saying:

“As business owners, we need to play the game with Google.
If we know the rules and play the game well,
Google WILL play the game with us.”

But how exactly do show up in search results?

A tennis player hires a tennis coach to help win tennis games

So why not hire a Google coach
to win the Google game?

Here’s how a local search professional helps you win the Google SEO game

As local search professionals, we help you become the local online hero on Google (and other search engines) for your niche. We do this by making sure your website is optimised to get a better position in search results. All things going well, your pages will start to rank on Page 1 of Google for your local keywords.

We also take care of the other major SEO elements that help you appear in local results. These include any listings for your website, backlinks to your home page and service/product pages, and adding your opening hours, location and any other relevant local information that are important not only to Google but to the people who are searching locally.

A local search professional who knows a lot about Google business tools therefore makes it easier for people to discover you when they need someone who is local to them. Especially now that ‘support local, buy local’ is becoming increasingly more important to our local communities.

In addition to the global organic reach, your website should soon attract more clicks, emails and calls from warm prospects who are local and ready to do business with someone local.

So, if your website is set up correctly and Google allows local people to see it, then local people will trust your website—because they automatically see this as Google ‘endorsing’ your website.


Wouldn’t you prefer to become the local go-to person in your niche?

Stand out without paying for ads

You already know that some people tend to trust organic ranking more than ads. So, when they see your website pop up at the top of Google, they automatically think you’re trying too hard to attract clients. They’ll skip your ad and look for someone whose pages appear organically.

Knowing this, Google recommends that you do as much as you can organically to appear at the top of the organic (free) listings and has made it easy to do this without paying for ads.

Google also tells us that this is only possible if the foundational elements of your Google stuff are setup correctly. But for most businesses, this is easier said than done.

That’s where our Google Business Tools Module comes in. It’s important to activate even before you do any local SEO (search engine optimisation) work. It involves the key strategies that Google recommends as the core elements to get leverage in search results.

The Google Business Tools Module is therefore a secret weapon we use to prepare to play this local search game with Google to you give you better leverage and help you stand out locally, which means bigger and better results for your local search efforts

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Is your website ready for local results?

It’s a bit tricky to tell what Google wants

Google uses over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm, and we call these factors the Google Ranking Factors. They’re a set of criteria that Google uses when choosing which content to list.

But since there are so many, we prefer to call it a point system to simplify your ranking goals. To win the Google SEO game and be on Page 1 for multiple key words and business listings, we need to help you earn 100 points.

Everything your business does online is worth a point or more. Maybe 1 point, maybe 5 points, maybe 10 points. According to Google, not all things are equal online, plus none of us really know how the Google algorithm works. Not even Google can tell you how many points something is worth.

We know it makes sense that certain factors are important, but ultimately? We’re just playing the game in someone else’s backyard, really. That’s Google’s backyard, and we’re hoping that what we do will win us brownie points.

The good thing is some businesses in your niche leverage from some of the Google SEO tools available, but very few have them optimised for maximum leverage. This is your chance to compete and rank above them.

Google wants you to use YouTube

What does YouTube have to do with local ranking?

YouTube is another massive business tool that most business owners totally ignore. What an opportunity they’re missing!

Making videos—whether done professionally, or with simple online video tools or slideshow tools—is not hard nor expensive. Businesses who create them do so to help BOOST their website ranking and increase web traffic.

Google recommends showcasing the videos through their YouTube service to gain more ‘brownie’ points with the Google algorithm. They’ve made it easy to create, upload and optimise your videos and share them videos on your website for people to find when they search for your keywords. That’s because Google is looking for more quality content to serve its users.

When we help you with your SEO, we do all the YouTube graphics. Most importantly, we make sure that your videos are ‘optimised’ properly and configured and setup correctly the first time around.


What does YouTube have to do with local ranking?

As your online presence increases, you start to leave your mark wherever you go. This means your online reach increases the more people will discover you. They start to click through, causing an increase in quality traffic back to your websites. Your online presence therefore helps to promote your business 24/7 while you sleep, and all for with no ongoing costs.

Again, it’s all about leverage. For every effort or action you invest online, you’d want to make sure it counts, right?

Anything that doesn’t count just slows you down, keeping you from achieving your online marketing goals, and limits your reach and exposure. So why would we waste that time and effort?

Let’s focus on SEO efforts that count!

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Get a local Google SEO plan that increases your ranking

Google’s been pretty clear about the rules of engagement and the ranking factors, but it’s the attention to detail that makes all the difference when optimising for local search results.
We’ve helped so many business owners play and win this game well and now we’d like to help you do the same. We’ve done this by offering a once-off fee that won’t send your cashflow into the red because you will soon reap the results from the SEO changes we apply for your business.

Look, there is actually more to the Google Business Tools Module, but I don’t want you to slip into a trance or coma with an information overload.

But we can certainly talk you through the rest of it to help you see the massive boost it can bring to your business.

Call now on 08 9439 2820 or contact us now via the website to get started on your journey for local world domination.

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