More than ever before Google want to showcase local
businesses when people search online.

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Relevant and local results.

When we search for products and services online most times we want local, right?

No use showing us service providers in another town or city, and as Google has evolved their massive search machine, their results are focused on giving us exactly what we want, local product and service providers.


If Google can keep us happy with the right results we’ll keep using Google, or we might defect over to search engines like Bing or Yahoo, so they’re working hard to keep us happy. Make sense?

As business owners we need to play the game with Google. If we can play the 'game' well with Google, Google WILL play the game with us.


We need to become Google’s ‘Local Online Hero’.


By becoming the ‘local online hero’ your website will get a better position on Google and all things going well that’ll be a Page 1 Ranking. In addition, we’ll have multiple listings of your website, links to your home page AND other service/product pages, your opening times, etc.

So we’re making it easier for people to do their ‘due diligence’ on us, that’s a good thing.

If your website is setup correctly and how we advocate, your website will inspire them, and boost their confidence in doing business with you.

Your website should deliver warm prospects to your front door or phone, all keen and ready to do business with you.

Let’s face it, how much easier is business when people are already ‘pre-sold’ on doing business with us?

Google really do want to help your business shine online, and to appear at the top of the organic (free) listings has never been easier, as long as the foundational elements of your Google ‘stuff’ are setup correctly.

In fact, the ‘Google Business Tools' module is foundational even before SEO (search engine optimisation) work is carried out. Why?

A multitude of reasons but the core element is leverage.

If we learn how to play this game, and play it well with Google, then everything we do after that gives us better leverage which means bigger and better results for our efforts.


I suppose I liken it to this:

To win the game with Google and be on Page 1 for multiple key terms and business listings we need to earn 100 points.

Everything we do online is worth maybe 1 point, maybe 5 points, maybe 10 points, not all things are equal online, that’s my point, none of us really know how the Google algorithm works.

We know certain factors make sense that they’re important, but ultimately we’re just playing the game, in someone else’s backyard really, Google’s backyard, and we’re hoping that what we do will win us brownie points.

Some businesses leverage from ‘some’ of the Google tools available but few have them optimised and leverage as much as they could. Did I mention leverage?


Another massive opportunity that most business owners totally miss.

Videos, whether they be professionally done, or using many of the simple online video tools available, or even simply slideshows is not hard, or expensive and these can help BOOST your website ranking and increase web traffic.

It’s so easy through YouTube, and more ‘brownie’ points with Google.


We’ll do all the YouTube graphics, and most importantly, make sure that your videos are ‘optimised’ properly.
Would you be happy with 6 out of 10 for your efforts?
NO, you want 10 out of 10, so we make sure it’s all configured and setup correctly the first time.

So what else does the being the ‘local online hero’ look like?


Having the opportunity to ‘leave your mark’ wherever you go online is one. Online persona’s or profiles. This brings traffic back to your websites, helps promote your business, 24/7 while you sleep, and all for with no ongoing costs.

Again, to us it’s all about leverage. For every effort, or action we invest online, we’d want to make sure we’re getting a 10 out of 10 score, right?

Anything less just slows us down in achieving our marketing goals online, and our ‘reach’ and exposure so why would we waste that time and effort?

For every effort we want 10 out of 10 right? (give me a high five)

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Clearly we have insight over how to play this game, Google are pretty clear about the rules of engagement, but it’s the attention to detail that make ALL the difference, and we’ve helped so many business owners over so many years that we know how to play this game well.

It’s not a massive investment anyway, and being a once off fee it doesn’t affect cashflow as such, so pretty well a no brainer.

Look, there is actually more to the ‘Local Online Hero’ module but I don’t want you to slip into a trance or coma with information overload so we can talk you through the rest of it, but rest assured, it adds massive value to your business.

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