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What’s a landing page?

A landing page is a special page on your website and is designed to target a specific goal to convert a specific type of visitors into leads or customers.

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What’s wrong with using
a normal web page?

A website usually contains many elements such as special offers, the navigation menu, service and product pages and blog posts that can easily distract your visitor. Say you send your Facebook followers to a ‘normal’ web page to claim an offer, but when they get there they see something else totally unrelated to the offer. They click on it, click on another one, go down a rabbit hole, then “Oops!” they run out of time because they must now get back to their life. See? They didn’t even claim the offer. So, yep, you get the traffic but it’s not converting.

With a real landing page, you don’t have all these distracting elements. The landing page has a different template that strips down to only have the design and copy elements that help you achieve your campaign goal.

The landing page

Is designed to gently nudge the visitor to do
what you sent them there to do

You can do this by including the core landing page conversion elements:

  • A clear unique selling proposition (why get it right now)
  • Subtle, persuasive copy (sell without sounding salesy)
  • Visual elements that sell (show what’s included)
  • Features and benefits (what’s in it for them)
  • Social proof (testimonials, reviews, statistics, awards, trust shields)
  • A guarantee (what’s your big promise?)
  • Strong call to action (tell them what to do and help them do it)
  • A form to collect info, accept payment or bookings (the goal is reached)
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Landing pages can be used
for different types of marketing campaigns, including:

  • Social media advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • Event promotions
  • Email campaigns
  • Search engine optimisation (e.g. target specific keywords)

And they don’t always have to be trying to generate money directly. Landing pages can be used to build your email list, offer gifts to your fans, conduct surveys, broadcast videos, and make announcements.

Whatever your marketing goal, we have a landing page idea for it.

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