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A “Barbarian” or “Brazilian”

By Peter B Butler | June 30, 2008

You know how some days you’re just a bit flat? Your not on top of the world but you’re OK… but then something happens and you realize that you really did need a ‘pick me up’. There’s gotta be nothing better than a really deep bellied laugh to lift the spirits and change your outlook […]

Business Building 101

By Peter B Butler | August 8, 2008

This is the fundamental business building premise but it still needs to be mentioned. So many people get caught up in a lot of “Business Building Activities” and forget this one simple principle. There are only three ways to grow your business: 1. get more new clients 2. get your existing clients to come back […]

The Most Powerful Business Tool Ever!

By Peter B Butler | August 28, 2008

The Most Powerful Business Tool Ever! USP or POD? What are all these letters about and what has this got to do with my business? They are acronyms for the most important tool you will ever find for giving your business a powerful statement that will impact your customers in a very decisive way. Some […]

Who wants to know the one word that gave a 100% rebooking rate?

By Peter B Butler | August 31, 2008

Who wants to know the one word that gave a 100% rebooking rate? A problem shared by many salon owners is getting their staff to keep those clients rebooking at a great rate. I was on coaching call with Kellie Bowey of Shear Class Hair Studio in Kojonup and she was having an issue with […]

Will 2009 Be Your Year?

By Peter B Butler | January 2, 2009

I know that at the beginning of 2008 I thought… “THIS was going to be the breakthrough year for me.” I’d done the hard yards over the previous few years and it was “my time”, 2008 was time for a breakthrough for me! Was that your take on 2008 for you? I know it was […]

3 Best Tips For Using LinkedIn!

By Peter B Butler | January 21, 2009

I started using LinkedIn about a year ago. Probably like most people I set up my profile and did nothing with it. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what else I should do. You do need to build up your connections. Check your friends ‘connections’ too and ask for the introduction to like minded people. […]

You Just Have To Love Easy Web Traffic!

By Peter B Butler | January 27, 2009

I know I’ve had a bit of a rant on Social Media Marketing recently but even at this early stage of sorting my own I now have evidence that it works. I’ll make this post a quickie… I was just in checking my stat’s stuff for my sites. This is why I love our Smarter […]

Lead Generation Strategies to get the Best Quality Clients.

By Peter B Butler | February 4, 2009

The last couple of “Lead Generating Web Site and Marketing Machines” we’ve set up for clients have been missing some specific content I needed. And it shouldn’t have been! So I want to give you the heads up on what you should be doing right now, whether you ever use us or not… and this […]

Testimonials That Actually Make You Money

By Peter B Butler | February 14, 2009

Last week I raved about “What others say about you is ‘infinitely more believable’ than what you say”. I also challenged those who already use testimonials that there is a powerful way to get them and use them and the lame way. What should your testimonials say? How to double the power and readership of […]

What! You Didn’t Read My Money Making Small Business Lead Generating Stuff!

By Peter B Butler | February 25, 2009

Friday nights with good friends and a good wine is a great way to end a busy week. And as you do with like minded entrepreneurial friends we were bouncing around our “take over the world ideas, million dollar breakthroughs and world changing ideological schemes”. 😆 By the end of the night I’m sure we’d […]

A “Pleasing To a Man’s Eye” Video and Bonus Lead Generation Tip!

By Peter B Butler | August 7, 2009

To have a lead generating and new client pumping machine we need to tune in to our “A” type client. Like we’re actually sitting down having a conversation about what’s going on in  their life. As we would with a friend. Trouble is, for a lot of us, something strange happens when we sit down […]

How hard is it to build your list and get other professionals in your “funnel”?

By Peter B Butler | September 1, 2009

One of the most frustrating things when you’re a professional is to get other professionals and people you meet to sign up for your stuff! List building can be one of the toughest and most arduous tasks in business building. Let’s say you’re at a function and you meet some great prospects. You know that […]

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