Get More Website Pages Read, and Web Visitors To Stay Longer

I've been working with some clients to look at ways to help them increase the amount of time that web visitors stay on their website, and increase the amount of pages that get visited.

So this is an E series, I'll use my website as an example. So this is an e-series that I created years ago, which needs to be refreshing with some imagery.

But one of the ways that I wanted to help people to go through to more pages was put a link here, going through to the next element.

You'll notice there's also a call to action here that what is the one thing that I want them to do is to fill in the project insights form, apart from reading the next killer element. So if I go through to the next killer element, you'll see again, I've replicated that going through the killer element number three, also call to action.

I wanted them to fill in the project insights form, so that I can start qualifying them.

So that's great. However, how can I do that better now that technology has evolved. So I was looking at ways to improve that.

So with the smart page builder, the page editor that we use now, I'll show you on the next page what we've done.

So again, I've got the same call to action, but in a button format so really stands out. Not only that, they can now go back or forwards. And that's replicated through to all of the next stages.

So when I had to look at this, again, I thought is that actually the right call to action, and I've sort of rethought that now. So I'll show you that on the next page.

Really, what I want them to do now is to get an order to rather than filling in a project insights form. And again, you can see the back and next buttons. So again, you can see that I'm going to increase the amount of pages that people visit. So that gives me branded points with Google. When I increase the amount of pages people visit

It actually increase the amount of time that they're on the website. And I actually lower the bounce rate.

So the benefits SEO wise with Google is absolutely massive. So it's the sorts of things that I recommend people do.

Give us a shout out, I can do a consult with you or have a have a look at your own website and see what sort of things you think you can do.

But certainly the best way to do it is give us a shout out, you know, possibly get me to do an audit, or set a consult my console buttons up there, schedule a meeting with me. And we can have a look at your website and see if we can't work out ways to increase the amount of pages that have get visited and increase the length of time that people are on your website.

It's all about that engagement. The other thing too, is the longer they're on your website, the higher the trust is, the credibility and the authority. So the more predisposed they are to do business with you.

Anyway, I hope that helps.

That's Peter Butler, Smarter Websites, helping you achieve world domination, even if it's only your part of the world.

Get More Website Pages Read, and Web Visitors To Stay Longer. Need Help?


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