Best Website Platform to Build Your Website On, and Why!

This topic might get some people offside, tough...

The top 6 platforms, in order, are -

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Shopify
  • Drupal
  • Squarespace
  • Wix

My opinion, the high count on Joomla websites are old legacy websites as over a decade ago WordPress and Joomla were on a par.

Shopify high numbers make sense with the advent of DIY eCommerce website, although I still prefer WooCommerce.

Drupal, same thoughts as Joomla, old legacy websites.

Squarespace and Wix are up there with the surge in DIY built hosted website platforms.

Trouble is with Wix as you add the functionality you increase the running monthly costs. You can build it yourself, or pay a designer but there are still limitations compared to WordPress.

The big question is, why would you start with one platform, only to have to change over at some point, seems a bad business decision to me.

The open-source community of WordPress, the advent of easy to use edit platforms so no locked into theme styles means WordPress just rocks.

WordPress makes it easy to help scale your website with your business.

Here's the current, updated weekly, tracking of ALL websites on the planet.

And this is not just a popularity contest, the number jump between WordPress at over 35% of ALL websites on the planet to the next best leader Joomla with 2%, speaks volumes as to why we use WordPress.

By the way, when we made that call 12 years ago, WordPress and Joomla were on a par, made the right call, did I :)

We only build in WordPress.

My bias is based on what we believe gives clients the BEST platform to grow their business.

Here's a Facebook LIVE Video I did showing WHY WordPress is the clear leader >

Make sure EVERYTHING on your website is working for BEST results.

Smart Actions:

1) Get a Website Audit OR an SEO Rank Report


** Exclusion: Complex eCommerce solutions might benefit from Magento, and a Magento developer thrown into the mix.

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Peter B Butler

Peter B Butler

Passionate with serial ‘hobbiest’ tendencies. Love WordPress & software 'toys'. Raving 70's Jap Bike collector. By day we convert dead dormant websites into profitable sites, hence ‘Smarter Websites’ - making them 'work', one at a time if necessary. On target for world domination, albeit our part of the world...

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