Increase Trust, and Credibility

Ever notice when you get referrals how much easier they convert into a client?

Or how much easier they are in general to work with?


Trust factor is high. They were referred, by someone they trust and know.

So that gets passed along to you.

But what about those visiting your website that weren’t referred?

How does your website score on the trust and credibility factor?

You had one job! 😛

What others say about us is infinitely more powerful than what we say about us… right?

So, pull out all the stops and use this checklist to make sure your trust and credibility factors are sky high. Get that instant higher trust and credibility score so getting business is easier.

  • Reviews/Testimonials: See the tip below.
  • Associations or Guilds: Industry Types, Chamber of Commerce, etc
  • Licenses & Memberships: Industry Registrations, Network Affiliations, etc
  • Sponsorship’s, etc

Reviews/Testimonials: Do you have any?

Here’s a tip if you need a couple in a hurry. Phone up some recent clients, remind them what they said to you about being happy with your product/service, ask them if you could use that as a review. Ta Dum, job done, for now…

With reviews, you need to have a system or process around this. We should talk.

Do you have reviews on Google My Business or on your Facebook Business Page?

If you do they can be pulled into your website automatically (See footnote).

Smart Actions:

1) List

  • Reviews/Testimonials: See the tip above
  • Associations: Industry Types, Chamber of Commerce, Authorised Supplier, etc
  • Licenses & Memberships: Industry Registrations, Network Affiliations, etc
  • Sponsorship’s: Sporting, Body’s, etc

We hope that helps.

If you need help with getting reviews, automating them displaying on your website, in fact, anything to do with reviews check out our Smarter Review Program >

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