Why Every Website Needs an FAQ Page!

FAQ is an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions.

And we all have them, those common questions people ask over.

3 main reasons why you NEED an FAQ page:

1) It can save you or your team oodles of time

You can send the link to people as a reference to answers

It helps position you as the expert in your field

It can help qualify unknown prospects when they enquire because they can see you’re an expert

2) Coz you can use them in your marketing

Whether that’s email marketing, social media marketing, or even 1 to 1 marketing and you send people to that FAQ page with the answer to their question.

3) For SEO (search engine optimisation)

The search engines can rank FAQ’s in a special way, in a ‘Google Answer Box’.

For the techy types, it’s called featured snippets and can rank at the top of all the searches. GOLD!

Have you ever seen at the top of the search results boxes with a question with a drop-down arrow and you click on the drop-down arrow and the answer appears?

So you’re standing out at the top of the Google Charts, just like magic, that’s because of another techy SEO thing we call ‘structured data’.

Never mind about the techy stuff, you only need to focus on creating the FAQ’s, and that should be easy because you know the answers right?

You rattle off the answer almost on auto-pilot coz you’ve been asked so many times.

If you really want to nail it, and the answer is a long story version, create the content, as a blog post probably, then make a short story answer version as well.

On your FAQ page, have the question, have the short story answer, with a link to the long story version. Google LOVE this…

That is now the pinnacle of a rich snippet setup, with structured data, and the Google Gods may bow down to you and bless you with oodles of website authority and hopefully, good rankings and mega web traffic will follow.

The world domination journey is afoot…

Smart Actions:

1) Make a list of the top 3 or 5 frequently asked questions you have. Jot them down along with the answer

Hey, you can go more than 3 to 5 but I just want to see you get started…

2) Do your ‘question’ keyword research

Find out what people ask about your keywords/brand/product/service

In Google Search, look at the ‘People also ask’ boxes for ideas
– Check several current answers to see how it works

Use ‘Answer the Public’ to find the right questions to answer >

* The end result of this is you will have the EXACT question people are actually asking, it’s important, make sense?

3) Your ‘answers’ in ‘Google Answer Box’

Keep your answers short and to the point, maximum of 50 words

Make it easy for Google to read, helps to use lists, subheadings, etc.

4) Be mindful of what you will realistically get done quickly

If you need long-form answers done as well, maybe just start with some quick simple FAQ and do the long-form as stage 2.

If you’re a machine, do your long-form detailed answer, load as a blog post ready to link your FAQ to it.

5) Get your webbie to load your FAQ (or you can if you know how)

6) Get your webbie or SEO dude to help with getting the structured data set up correctly

Hope this helps.

Remember, you can add X amount of FAQ per month or quarter and soon enough this activity when done right and consistently, you’ll be climbing the Google Charts.

If you need help get an audit >


Or let’s have a 1 to 1 Zoom 15-minute session >


Share a true story here:

We were doing SEO for a local company, and we suggested we set up an FAQ page to help.

We requested through the admin girl that the business owner sends through some of their common FAQ. She didn’t quite understand.

“Well, you know how Mike gets asked the same questions over and over, well, we can load them into a web page so people can get find what they want to know on the website, plus you can use it in emails by sending them a link, and it helps with SEO (search engine optimisation).

So she sends us the questions, no answers… I kid you not…

“We need the answers too” we advised.

She didn’t understand. So we explained that the FAQ was about providing answers to common questions, so we needed the answers as well as the questions.

True story, like, you just couldn’t make this stuff up right.

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