Was 2011 To Be Your Year?

What do stocktake sales and new year’s resolutions have in common?

They both happen at the end of a yearly cycle.

Was 2011 going to be Your Year?

We’re half way through. How’s it going? For those who know me well also know that I’m a no fluff sort of guy. Don’t like ornaments in my office, get on with the job at hand and cut straight to the chase. Practical to the end, but I am into the power of positive thinking, the strength of affirmations and the law of attraction. We all strive to achieve those things. Maybe you’re even actively into practicing the givers gain principle.

But what single action can MAKE IT HAPPEN, and powerfully?

Read on to see how you’re tracking or this is just gonna be another ordinary year.

There is something exponentially powerful about having our goals written down. Or having photos or images of the things we most desire up on a wall in our face.

I’m a blessed man, we have a vision board and my wife is the one who pulls all that together. We were just doing a mid-year review. That time of year right? But how many of us take time out to empower our “I Am” statements.

Bear with me, I haven’t gone all flowery here.

The bike is something that we actually achieved last year, but I keep it up on the board as a reminder, gotta have that ‘attitude of gratitude’ right, especially when you’re going through a tough spot.

At the moment my office is a mess, 2 desks sitting in the middle of the office, cables everywhere, all in anticipation of my entire new office fit out arriving tomorrow. Woo woo, another milestone in my business and another vision board victory.

Here’s something else my wife does, she posts greeting cards to ourselves.

I know, bit odd but it’s what’s IN the cards that is so powerful. The other week Linda grabbed a picture of a cruise ship and pasted it on the front of the card.

On the inside of the card she wrote – “The sun is gleaming down, so soft but warming. People laughing all around us, couples strolling, others relaxing, such a sense of peace and joy, contentment. The view of the coastline from the deck chairs on this mighty cruise ship is so serene, such magnificent landscape. We look at each other, a knowing smile. Another vision board goal achieved!”

Pretty cool huh! I want what she said.

Here’s what YOU can do right now, send yourself a real printed postcard. No cost, done online and easy as.

Go here – Smarter Cards – watch the short video, send a card to you and yours with a goal or mission statement or something that means something to YOU! Do it NOW! Cost you nada.

When you involve ALL your senses in your dreams, your goals, your visions, you unleash a supernatural power to make things HAPPEN.

You’ll be amazed at how the universe opens doors for those who are willing to turn the handle. I encourage you, turn that handle NOW!

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  1. Hi Peter,

    Great story, thanks for sharing that. This is going to be ‘our’ year too.

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