From Nowhere to # 2 in the Google Charts in 3 Weeks.

This one single tip can get your site to soar the Google charts!

Struggling to get traffic and a decent ranking with your website? I have a colleague in South Australia who is an expert in his field but he was in the same boat.

How many people can relate to this?

He’s very successful and has built up his business mainly through networking and he now has a solid client base. As for any of us, our website is the front end of our business. Trouble is Kurt’s site doesn’t rank anywhere in the search engine results, well, not that we could find. Kurt has become one of our strongest affiliates with Smart Email because email marketing is his speciality.

But his website?

Page 1, nowhere near it! Page 100, good luck with that!

And it’s even a WordPress site so theoretically it should do well, but it’s fundamentally flawed. Kurt had it done a couple of years back, obviously not by us or I wouldn’t be sharing this story.

We’ve scheduled Kurt for a rebuild but I just couldn’t let Kurt flounder until that happens so I agreed to do just one tweak to help him out.

You know how Kentucky Fried’s Colonel Sanders and his “11 Secret Spices” keep the people coming into his chain of stores we have our “37 Secret Tiggers”.

With these “37 Key Triggers” our clients site soar up the Google charts and get more traffic. And it’s free traffic because we rank better in the organic search results.

So we did this one tweak! Normally I wouldn’t do and show and tell on this but this one really is a no brainer when a site is built but the guy who did this site had no regard for integrity and getting the job done right.

Here’s the SMS that came from Kurt while I was in the middle of a meeting…

WTF  # 2 in Google search for Email Marketing in 270,000,000 million pages. What did u do?! Big testimonial to follow!

Kurt Johansen – Email Mastery – Johansen International

So you can read between the lines that Kurt was a happy man. It’s important to remember that search results will be affected by where you are, who in your local area has optimised smartly, what the competition is for that term and things like if you’ve visited the site recently. In Kurt’s case he ranked higher in the Brisbane area and knew about this top ranking because a client told him.

Back to the “tweak”! – Make sure you check this on your own site!

Check your Title, Description and Keywords. It’s known as your meta-data, for the non-techy’s, don’t fade out on me here.

It’s not hard. The “Title” is what you see up in the blue bar at the top of your screen when you look at your site.

2 questions at this point!

  • Does that Title “tell the story of who you are and what you do using terms or keywords that you want to rank for?”
  • Is anyone actually using those terms? (there are tools you can use to find that out but that’s another post)

Here’s how you can find the description and keywords. It’s simple. Otherwise get your webmaster to tell you. Just by right clicking on the background of your website and then click on “view page source” from the pop up window. Another window of code pops up.

Have a look through for the “Description” and “Keywords”. (A good trick is to press the “Control” key and then the letter “F” and you can use the search feature. You should be able to see both.)

The Title, in a very short sentence should say what you do using keywords for what you want to be known for.

The description is very important. Although it’s hidden in code the search engines use it to rank your site. It should reflect what the Title says along with keyword enhanced sentenced about you and your business.

And here’s the big thing. Most people know that the keywords are important but what they don’t know is that for at least the last 12 months (if not longer) Google has placed less emphasis on the keywords for ranking a site than they do on the description.

You must remember that Google change the “rules of engagement” randomly so we optimise ALL elements ALWAYS!

So for the non-techy’s – have this checked by your webmaster, NOW! Or, make a comment below and I’ll have a quick look for you. I’ll tell you straight up whether you’re on the right track, or if you’re in trouble.

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Peter B Butler

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2 thoughts on “From Nowhere to # 2 in the Google Charts in 3 Weeks.”

  1. I’d be interested to hear your comments on our website – what should we change or do better?

  2. Hi Bruce, good question, certainly a nice looking site, very sharp. Best way to start is ask what do you want people to do when they get to your site?

    I see you’ve got some clear ‘doorways’ with your orange button navigations which is great, what’s the traffic like through those ‘doors’?

    Trouble is there really isn’t a list building compelling offer or call to action. At a quick glance one thing that could be changed pretty easily is the training voucher button area. Perhaps change the button layout for that section or simply change and make it more of a call to action – ‘Do you qualify for a $200? training voucher? – 2 easy steps to find out – click here’ might get some more action. Plus the downloads button is boring, ‘downloads’ is what it is but it needs to be more emotive copy, the old ‘what’s in it for me’ scenario. Hope that helps. Best Regards, Peter Butler. Geez, you FB page needs work too. I’m now a fan and have liked you.

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