The Top 10 Most & Least ‘At Risk’ Businesses.

Read a report on the top ten most and least affected businesses by our current economic times.

The most affected was the tyre industry, seems we’re prepared to let our tyres be a little ‘balder’ before we change them over.

The least affected was the beauty industry, go figure. We’re prepared to put our beauty before safety, apparently, amazing. This was a report featured in the Sydney Morning Herald a while back.

I’ve worked in both industries, I know, a bit odd, automotive and beauty don’t seem to go together.

When I was in the tyre game we had an awesome team. We even had rave letters to the local newspaper and were nominated for best business to the Chamber of Commerce. My exhaust fitter was the exception, he was a brilliant fitter but he wasn’t a part of the team. He just wasn’t playing the game with our store and team goals, he threw the dynamics and there was a cost.

But he was so good that I was scared to lose him, so I tolerated his moodiness, his ‘quirks’ and the disunity.

Eventually it got too much, I had to make the tough call and replace him. Gary, the new guy wasn’t as experienced but he worked as a team player. The dynamics shift was huge and the profits soared, we had a unified team cranking past all the previous store goals. Wish I’d done that a lot sooner.

We’ve just done a million dollar makeover on David Osborne’s site Profitable Personnel and that’s what David does, help businesses get the right staff first time round! Who wants that?

That was the first thing we did, rework his ‘claim to fame’ about what he does. It’s a simple yet powerful and memorable ‘catch cry’ – Get the right staff first time round!

Second is we worked and tweaked his lead generation. What is a website? A tool, to build your business!

If you aren’t able to convert web visitors into clients into money it’s all a waste of time, and money.

The results speak for themselves.

I had invested $18,000 on websites before I met Peter, none had generated any leads let alone turn a profit.

The facts: I now obtain one to two leads per day and I am on target to for 100% business growth this year.

In dollars: That is a start-up sole operator business going from zero to $390,000 pa in a couple of years.

You would be seriously crazy not to work with Peter and his team.

(PS: I now have a PA and also a BDM in both Perth and Melbourne)

I rest my case.

My point is this –

If you want the right staff the first time round see David of Profitable Personnel! (Oh, you can get David’s “3 Secrets to Recruiting Star Employees That 95% of Businesses Do Not Know” CD too)

If you want a lead generating prospect converting new client website see Peter of Smarter Websites!

Simply test the model yourself on either link above!

PS: The next industry least affected was the fast food industry. The rationale is that when we’re stressed we spend money on these non-essentials to make ourselves feel better. Strange lot aren’t we?  (Sorry, could not find the original post by SMH)

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