Who Cares What Your Clients Think!

You should! Trouble is not many business owners even ask. Plus it can be hard to get unbiased feedback.

What do your clients really think about your service, your value, prices, range and all manner of info that would help you grow your business?

You try and getting totally unbiased feedback!

There is no use in you having jaded results. It might make you feel good about yourself if you get scores of 10 for everything but that ain’t gonna help if it’s not true. How you go about making a survey unbiased is crucial to the results.

Too many people, if asked on the spot, will soften their real thoughts and response and not be totally upfront. I know, I can be one of them. It’s that “I don’t want to upset people” thing.

Make no mistake though. If I’m not happy or if I’ve received bad service or there’s an issue I’ll let that be known but I can tend to be gracious and make big allowances for people. My wife says I’m a softy.

Don’t you want the good, the bad and even the ugly?

Hey, if you don’t know it’s broken how can you fix it… right!

So how do you make it easy for your clients to be totally upfront, frank and open with you?

By doing an online survey! By doing it online then it’s ‘safer’ for them because it’s done from the safety of their own home. It’s that anonymity thing and “Now I can say what I really think”.

There are quite a few online survey services available, some are even free, and some work quite well. A fundamental flaw though…

What about the bigger picture?

  • Wouldn’t you rather be able to do this on a regular basis?
  • And have all the info stored in one spot?
  • And have it in the same spot that all your client details are stored anyway?

Let’s say a big segment said they loved red widgets and if someone actually made them they’d buy 10 of them in a flash.

How good would it be if you could send that group an email with an offer for the “New Red Widget’s Just Hit the Market and we thought you’d like to be the first to know”.

How good would that be?

Can you smell that I’m about to reveal something big?

Here’s the thing.

Sometimes business owners actually get serious and decide to find out what their clients think about them, as in really think.

So you can drill down to plan better for better business growth.

And if you can do that, and nail it in one then you’ll be their hero forever, and you’ve made the easiest truckload of money you’ve ever made along the way.

We’ve just added the smartest survey forms to our Smart Email software. It’s all done within your Smart Email account and it’s as easy as “click, drag and drop” to set up.

Here’s the other thing. By us making it radio buttons, check boxes and drop down box answers along with text fields and even attachment capability we’ve made it easy for people to fill out, easy as.

You want the majority of people to respond don’t you?

This is brand spanking new. So for all the Smarter Websites clients best you jump in to your admin area of your Smart Email account and check out the new “Survey” tab.

Start planning how you can use this to grow your business in 2010.

For a one on one coaching session make a comment on this post and we’ll get that coaching call set up ASAP. It’s a no brainer how to set it up but to help you fast track it get it booked now.

For those non Smarter Websites client we do have 3 Smart Email account available for this month so be quick and get in first and book your test drive now!

Why only 3? Because I take pride in our one on one service and coaching and I actually do show you the back end and that takes time.

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