We Cracked the Code!

Had this question from a client, Nathan Peart of Scope Drafting this week!

He needed to know what happened after people got his “5 Things Potential Owner Builders Must Know!” report.

Here’s the question –

If I have these people on my email list do they automatically get a copy of new posts on my website or do I specifically have to send it to them.

Thanks, Nathan Peart

Damn good question and a perfect segue for the code we just cracked.

The answer? Up until now you would have to email or send it to them separately.

So what code did we crack?

The RSS code! What is RSS?

It stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. It’s a really cool way to get your website “posts” or articles blasted out on auto pilot.

Here’s what happens “without” RSS.

You add a post (article) to your website. It gets published. You then want to email that post out to your list.

So you copy and paste it into your email software or Smart Email Software. You send a test, yup, all good to go. You save the email campaign. You then send the campaign.

Easy enough but time consuming! And therein lies the problem for many professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners, time, there ain’t enough hours in the day. So…

Here’s what happens “with” RSS.

You add a post to your website. It gets published. It automatically gets sent out to your list! End of story!

How good is that? No copying and pasting. No testing, no nothing. The only reason you’ll go to Smart Email software is to check your results and statistics. How many read it, who opened it, who clicked on what link (yup, you can do all that too in Smart Email).

What will it really do for your business?

  • Save you a big chunk of time
  • That gives you an incentive to communicate more often
  • That makes your prospects re-look at your business or offerings
  • That makes your previous or old clients think of you again
  • That means your client base are more likely to call you again
  • You’re also more likely to get a new referral because you’re a “top of mind” thought again

So that’s the code we cracked in Smart Email! RSS Integration!

If I knew the code-cracking project was going to cost over $20,000 and take 18 months I wouldn’t have gone there. But we did and with the help of David, my tech and his analytical ways and our dedicated team we’ve now made this available for our Smarter Website Members and Smart Email Clients.

Before I outline how the plans work. A reminder, don’t forget that 7 months ago we added “Surveys” to the built in suite in Smart Email Marketing. Have you thought about surveying your clients, or prospects?

Your website needs to be on the WordPress platform or be a “Smarter Websites” website for this to work (of which all our sites are). That’s why they soar the Google charts but that’s another story.

(If you don’t have a “Smarter Websites” website but are interested in converting let’s have a quick chat. Contact Peter here.)

For Smarter Website Members and Smart Email Clients Only:

We have created two RSS template designs in the templates folder to make getting started easier.

Smarter Websites Members:

Smarter Website Standard 110 Members – you get this functionality as a part of your membership. All just a part of the ever increasing service offering we provide for you.  Part of ‘love’ if you like. Just give us the nod by reply email and we’ll activate it for you. We have extensive instructions on how to set it up.

(We can do that for you but there will be a one off fee of $385.00 which includes a personalised branded template)

Smarter Website Basic 55 Members – you will need to upgrade to a Standard 110 Member. Well worth doing simply because of the time you’ll save PLUS the extra’s that the 110 Members get as a part of the membership.

You can see the detail of that here – Smarter Website Member Program.

I have a detailed guide on how to set up the RSS for your blog or Smarter Website.

Smart Email Clients:

This will only work for you if your website is based on a blogging platform. It’s all do-able and certainly worth you finding out what’s involved in converting your website over so let’s have a quick chat.

Contact Peter here.


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