Trade Shows and the Like

A great way to get your business out there is to attend trade shows that your ideal client or target market attends.

Where most people fail is in the planning, and the expectation to either get big $$ sales or orders at a trade show.

While that is possible, depending on your business, your main focus should be on getting people's contact details. That's where the gold is in trade shows.

If they stop at your booth or stall they're obviously interested in what you do or have.

But you need a clear strategy to be able to communicate with them after the event. If you expect them to contact you afterwards, yeah nah, that's wishful thinking, not a strategy.

Create a special offer like a competition or giveaway where people fill in an entry form with name, phone and email to enter.

Then make sure you draw the winner when you say you will. Make sure you promote that draw or announcement really well, it's all about the leverage.

After the event, you can follow up with these people via email and/or SMS.

It's all about 'touchpoints' with these new contacts -

  • Announce the draw
  • Send any special offer information
  • Follow up sequence
  • Regular newsletter

Oh, here's a tip for newbies, use a tablet or the like to get their information.

Nothing worse than trying to enter people's handwritten details into a spreadsheet or the like, so many typos, so time-consuming, go digital. You can get stands to hold/lock in a tablet.

Here's a demo we set up for our own annual draw for a FREE 'Smart Profile' website.

A great little piece of automation, enter yourself if you like.

Smart Actions:

1) Research trade shows and the like to see which ones fit your business

2) Plan to go to one of these

3) Decide on a competition or giveaway

4) Prepare with a plan to follow up after the trade show

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