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For many people, it seems the accepted practice at networking events is to hand out as many business cards as possible. Like that is a sound business-building strategy?

It should be the other way around.

Think about it. You hand out your cards in the hope that they’ll contact you, right… yeah nah not going to happen. Or rarely at best.

Here’s what you should be doing, exchange business cards YES.

But use this opportunity to start an ongoing communication with them.

1) Mention that you’ll send them an email (template below, personalise it to you) so you have a ‘digital connection’

2) Mention that we should connect on LinkedIn

The ‘keyword’ here is ‘digital connection’.

They’re now expecting an email from you, so more open to communications from you. You’ve now become more ‘top of mind’ and it fosters the relationship.

With your second ‘touchpoint’, the LinkedIn connection request, you’ve now set the stage for them seeing your LinkedIn posts and updates, and again better positioning.

The thing is, people will only do business with people they know, like or trust.

That is because of relationship, and this strategy is a solid proven method to strengthen that and grow your circle of influence.

This is the single most effective way to build your quality database.

Smart Actions:

1) Create your version of the ‘digital connection’ email

2) Save it as a template in your email software or email marketing software


‘Digital Connection’ Email Template:


Hi ~Contact.FirstName~,

Here’s that email so we have a ‘digital connection’. Great connecting with you.

We should ensure we also connect on LinkedIn, if not already >

LinkedIn Profile LINK

If you’d like to do your due diligence on us, you can check us out below.

Here’s what people say about us >

Here’s a project gallery of work we’ve done, and results we get (now we’re just showing off 🙂 )

In the meantime, if there’s any way I can help, simply pick up the phone or reply email.

Speak soon.

Best Regards,

Peter B Butler

PS: I have a regular e-newsletter I send out, keeping people up to date. I’ll make sure I include you in on that. If it’s not useful to you, or you feel it’s not appropriate for you, simply unsubscribe, I won’t be offended, or cry much…
I would hope it would add value to your business.


By the way, have you seen our reviews, and project gallery?

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