Create a Real Elevator Pitch

Some business types are really easy to explain what you do.

For example … I sell lawnmowers in Dunsborough.

Or … I have an online e-commerce store selling homewares.

Others are not so easy and may need a little bit of planning so you can tell people what you do without sounding cagey. Ummm Ahhhh I am a consultant I guess you’d say.

When would you use an elevator pitch?

When you’re meeting someone new.

A common question people ask is … What do you do?

A perfect time is at networking events. This is where your sole purpose is to drum up business and network with other business owners.

So if yours isn’t one of the easy businesses to explain succinctly on demand, it’s always good to have something prepared that sounds really good … but not cheesy.

Be real and personal. Don’t regurgitate an automatic ‘elevator pitch’ that may not be appropriate. Understand who you are talking to and what they need.

Some examples might be …

I run a website design company. We create marketing-focused websites that generate leads and sales while they sleep.

I help women learn techniques to successfully breastfeed their babies when they are struggling.

Smart Actions:

1) Come up with a succinct way to say what you do.

Make sure it includes a benefit to the client.

Check out our succinct 3 liners at the top of our websites >


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