Handling Negative Reviews

Online Reviews are the most powerful way to build trust and help potential clients make the decision to work with you.

But what happens when someone leaves you a negative review?

There’s not much you can do when it comes to getting it removed.

The best way to handle a negative review on social media is the same way you would if they came into a store and confronted you.

Acknowledge the person’s feelings. People first up just want to be heard. Then give them an avenue to take it off social media. You don’t want people airing a long stream of negativity about your business online where others can read it.

Classic Case Study: IInet is a classic example. Internet Service Providers, you either love them or hate them, no in-between it seems.

IInet gets slammed nearly every single day on Facebook Business.

What do they do?

Operate with total transparency, apologise, own it if you got something wrong, and then try and resolve the issue one on one with the person, so taking it offline. Make sense?

If you want a really smart way to handle your reviews, check out the link below.

You can have a page on your website where people enter their reviews.

Only better reviews make it online. The not so great reviews get stored safely from potential customers. This gives you the chance to clear the air with your unhappy clients so everyone is happy.

Smart Actions:

1) Create a system for you or your staff to handle any negative online reviews

2) Check out the link below and get your smarter review system setup

3) Enjoy positive reviews that build your credibility and your business

Need help with getting more reviews?


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Peter B Butler

Peter B Butler

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