3 Facebook Video Options

There are several ways to do a video on Facebook.

1) Facebook Live
2) Premiere
3) Pre-Recorded Video

There are different pros and cons to each.

Facebook Live:

This type of video has the highest engagement.

You need to be pretty comfortable with being on screen as its live unless of course, your video is screen sharing OR you’re behind the camera showcasing something.

You can interact on Facebook with people while you’re on video. They can leave comments that you can see while you’re doing your video and you can respond.

Do focus on delivering your content though, this is not a role call.

Premiere Videos:

These are a hybrid of pre-recorded and live videos.

You can set them up to be announced like a live video, but when they join they watch a pre-recorded video.

Pre-Recorded Videos:

These videos are ones you record off Facebook so you don’t have to worry about stuffing anything up live. You can edit it if you wish and then just upload it as a post. These have the least engagement because it’s not live. The benefit is you can make sure the video is a good one before it gets loaded.

The choice of which type of video you use is yours.

I’d like to mention that in the beginning video will feel uncomfortable for everyone. It’s only with practice that you get better. So don’t let that feeling hold you back from using video to really grow your business.

Smart Actions:

1) Decide which type of video you will get started with

2) Create an ideas list for videos

3) Start creating

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