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People are often shocked when their website gets hacked.

Many business owners think that because their website is not a ‘big-brand’ website, or maybe because it’s not a high traffic website, that they are safe and hackers wouldn’t be interested … but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your customers and potential clients need to be able to trust your website, and your business and hackers can leave your reputation in ruins.

Let’s face it … they are just criminals with techy knowledge.

Why do hackers attack seemingly insignificant websites?

For the FULL Story read this blog post

If you’re a Smarter Website client, you’ll be on our Managed Support service, so it’s all done for you >

True Sad Story: A client was paying a reputable national web agency for ‘managed support’ after they rebuilt the website 2 years previously.

The client wanted to shift hosting to us, in that transfer process we found out the website hadn’t been updated at all over those 2 years. Big Risk, especially being a national brand themselves. That’s like at least 50 version updates that were missed 🙁

As the client had been paying for this service, we requested the website be fully updated by them before transferring the site, otherwise the client would have to pay us to fix their problems, not fair.

End result took 6 weeks to get what we needed, there were major website issues and short story version 6 months later the client shut down their website, and their business as it all became too hard.

Now, context being totally transparent, the client was near retiring age but still, he lost an equitable asset and just walked away, which makes it even sadder.

Anyway, don’t be a victim, here’s your smart actions.

Smart Actions:

1) Login to your website

2) Up in the top left of your website ‘dashboard’ it should tell you what the current version is, and a prompt to update if there’s a new version out.

  • Note 1:

If you pay someone to look after your website, check with them first. The update might have only just come online and they haven’t done it yet.

If you don’t pay someone to look after your website, make sure a backup of your website has been done first, just in case there’s an issue with the update.

3) Get help if you’re not sure!

Hope that helps!

PS: How is this a part of achieving world domination?

As a business owner you need to know this ‘stuff’, not the ‘techy’ side, just that it needs to happen, and not knowing this can set you back BIG time, and that is on you as the business owner, all a part of the plan for world domination.

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