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Google Beta Testing Search Results… On… People In Your Social Circle…

Yup, True Story –

On the phone yesterday with John Denton of Business Ready For Sale. We’re both in the same BNI (Business Network International) chapter. Plus we’re good mates.

I was doing my due diligence on BNI chapter websites and John Googled “BNI Australia”.

We were both astounded at the results, check it out. Here’s the search term and number of search results shown.

And here is the Social Media Beta results shown down the bottom of page 1, complete with my mug shot with 3 links, what a bonus, 1 to my LinkedIn profile, another to my core website and another to a page within my website.

So what does your online social profiles say about you?

Best you get cracking and check your short bio’s on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube and whatever other’s you have in the mix.

Make sure you OPTIMIZE your social profiles otherwise you’ll be LOST in the myriad on wannabe experts in your field. Here’s 3 Tips straight up on optimizing LinkedIn.

Peter B Butler

Passionate with serial ‘hobbiest’ tendencies. Love WordPress & software 'toys'. Raving 70's Jap Bike collector. By day we convert dead dormant websites into profitable sites, hence ‘Smarter Websites’ - making them 'work', one at a time if necessary. On target for world domination, albeit our part of the world...

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