WordPress Website Version Updates x 3

Time to update your website to the new WordPress 3.5 ‘Elvin’

What’s new?

The most dramatic new change is a completely re-imagined flow for uploading photos and creating galleries.

If you’re a Standard 110 Member with Smarter Websites we’ll be doing this update for you. If you're a Basic 55 Member you will need to jump in and get this done next Tuesday 22nd (that’s when we’ll have support available if you run into strife).

Here’s a quick video overview of everything you can share with your friends (the first 40 seconds shows the new WordPress galleries media stuff):

(Click to play)


The Genesis WordPress Framework is also up to 1.9. The newest feature is Google Author Highlights built in.

What does that mean?

It will show YOUR Google profile in the search results on your posts and content. How good is that? We all need to learn to play the game with Google. Here's what that looks like (see how it gives you the edge):

Peter Butler

Read why Google plays a critical role in building a successful online business and should be inevitable part of your content marketing strategy.

In Genesis 1.9 there’s also security updates and depreciated widgets. For the techy type read the detail here - Genesis WordPress Updates

This release was done Dec 11. Why did we wait so long?

For the plugin authors to make sure there is no software conflict issues to cause your website to glitch out.

So now we’ll be updating your whole raft of plugins (tools that do ‘stuff’ on your website).


Basic 55 members will need to do this for next Tuesday 22nd (Remember to refresh your web page after to check nothing has glitched out).

There is a video tutorial in the Members Area

Standard 110 Members and Premium 220 Members - kick back and it will be done for you, all a part of our obsessive and passionate service!

PS: Have you noticed the edge on web speed since the upgrade to the new server technology? It’s measured in seconds and micro seconds but we’re impressed.

Committed To Your Success,

Peter B Butler

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