Most People Underrate This SEO Factor

“How do I get my website to rank better in the Search Engines?” is a question I must get asked at least 3 times a week, every week.

And this from both clients and prospects. Now this is a reflection on me, so for that I apologise straight up, I thought I’d educated my clients, but not well enough apparently because this question came from a client just this week.

To get a website ranking high for a particular search term most people’s response would be – right keywords,  optimized title, unique content, back-links and so on. (For non geeks – the title is what you see in the blue bar at the top of your internet screen).

All theses elements are valid and important for SEO, but on their own they won’t help your website “hold it’s position”. They will produce very small results if you don’t combine them with consistency.

And you must have your website HOLD it’s position.

This is an excerpt from Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips – so kudos where kudos is due.


You could launch a new website today with a lot of unique content and many links back to your site (back-links), but unless you keep adding new content and getting new links consistently over time your website would not rank high for any competitive keyword.

The opposite is also true. Even if you launch a website with little unique content and no back-links, you can still get it ranking high for competitive keywords if you consistently keep adding new content and getting new back-links.

Let me illustrate this point with some numbers. Suppose we launch two websites targeting the same keyword, website A and website B. On website A we publish 50 articles right away and manage to attract 500 back-links on the first day thanks to a social media campaign.

On website B, on the other hand, we work gradually publishing one article every other day and getting 10 new back-links per week. After 6 months I would be willing to bet that website B is ranking higher than website A, and that is because it has consistency.

In fact Google confirmed in the past that the pace at which a website publishes new content and gain new back-links is indeed used inside its algorithm.

Whenever you plan an SEO campaign for your site in the future remember that slow and steady can win the race, even on the Internet!


Moral of the story? Be consistent with adding new content. The search engines love it, it means your website has credibility, authority and it’s obviously current and up to date.

Every single time you add a new post (article) you’re bringing the search engine back to your site.

How else to get traffic to a website? Google Adwords – is it valid? Of course it is, trouble is, only around 30% of people actually click on the sponsored “ads” (the search results in the right hand column and small section at the top).

So being consistent will get your website positioned in the main area of the Google results and that’s free, and that’s where at least 70% of people click anyway.

So where do you want your website to be?

So the plan?

Set yourself a regime – Monthly, fortnightly or even weekly. Stick to it. Set a time to write your post and then a time to publish it, and then a time to email it.

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3 thoughts on “Most People Underrate This SEO Factor”

  1. I’ve heard this before, but I am a little sceptical about the advice.

    I have a #1 ranked site in a competitive industry (Google Adwords says 27,100 searches per month for the main keyphrase, apparently 3,260,000 results in Google) and I have not added new content pages to the site in 2 years.

    I add new photos every now and then and a testimonial to the testimonials page, but I have not create a new web page on the site for ages.

    Of course, I think adding new pages to the site would be beneficial… but it can’t be that important in maintaining your position, seeing as I have maintained my top rank listing for the past 2 years at least.

  2. I look at this way. Let’s say that getting your site ranked well takes 100 points, and a point given for each of the things we know or think should make a difference to our position in the SERP’s.

    Things like the meat data, title tags, keyword density, back links, etc. None of us know, as you well know I’m sure, exactly what the Google ‘formula’ is. What has happened though is Googel are certainly giving more kudos to social media platform content whcih includes blogs. The indexing system is the biggest change we’ve seen over the last 12 months.

    I’m not saying thatt your Google PR will improve, but generally the Alexa Rank certainly will but what it does mean is that your content should show up more often and as result we’ve seen some of our primary sites now show up multiple times for a tarticluar search term, rather than just once.

    That has to be a good thing and it’s the only action we’ve taken.

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