Reduce SPAM Emails, Save Time, Reduce Stress

Save time EVERY day by reducing SPAM to your email inbox.

If it’s bad now, I’m telling you, it’s only going to get worse unless you run these checks, and they’re simple.

Thing is, we’re all busy enough now, so saving time every day helps you also reduce stress, and get in front of this before it becomes worse. And because these issues are incremental it doesn’t take long before it’s out of control before we know it.

Question: Do you have your email address displayed on your website somewhere?

If yes, I bet it doesn’t have SPAM Bot protection, which means the SPAM Bots have picked up your email address and that’s a growing problem.

We generally recommend the use of a SPAM Free Contact Form rather than an exposed email address.

But, if you’re a person who likes having the email address shown, so people can just click on it so an email opens up ready to send to you, that’s fine.

Just make sure it has SPAM Bot Encoder Protection. Make sense?

There is a ‘techy’ check to see if it does, but might be a bit confusing for most peeps, call Tech Jesse (or your own web tech) if you want to be shown or for us to check it for you – 08 9439 2820.

Contact Forms: Make sure they also have SPAM Bot Protection, like shown in this screenshot. We have SPAM Bot Protection in at the Web Form level, plus we add an extra layer of protection with this ‘Recaptcha’.


Smart Actions:

1) Do you have an exposed email address on your website?

  •  Remove the exposed email address from the web page


  • Add SPAM Bot Protection

2) Add SPAM Bot Protection to your website contact form (Need help, we can do that)

  •  Best practice is to TEST your contact form any time you ever play with the settings
  •  Did you get the form notification after you filled in and submitted your form?

If you need any help call 08 9439 2820 or get a free no-obligation comprehensive website audit >

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Peter B Butler

Peter B Butler

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