Write To an 8th Grade Level. Use the APP!

When you write your marketing content, whether it be on your website, in emails or other marketing pieces, it’s important that you write it in a way that flows and is easily readable by most of your audience.

If you use big words, you will lose a lot of people and if it takes too much-thinking people will get bored partway through.

You want to make your writing flow. It’s called the ‘speed of the read’.

How do you achieve this?

You need to write as if you are talking one on one with an 8th grader. This ensures you are using simple terms. I have a great free tool you can use to help achieve this and learn how to write in that way.

This is called the Hemingway Editor. You can paste your content into the page and it will give you tips on how to write simpler, tell you how many words are in your piece and let you know the readability grade of your content.

You can also write directly into the editor. Use this to write your articles or emails and in no time you’ll have a new way of writing that will connect better with all who read it.

Smart Actions:

1) Go to the Hemingway App online and bookmark it for easy use in future

2) Write your content straight into the app or paste it in there

3) Go through the coloured suggestions on the right and edit as much as makes sense

4) Check your readability grade and make sure it’s no higher than Grade 8

5) Take that content and use it where you intended

Link: http://www.hemingwayapp.com/

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