Personalise Your Emails

Personalising your emails means you will get higher open rates and more engagement. In other words, your list will be more active and will open more emails and click on more links and ultimately buy more from you.

How do you personalise your emails?

Use the person’s first name in the email. You can do this in either the subject line or at the beginning of the email content. e.g. Hi (Hi Bob)

Don’t use the person’s first name in the subject line of every email as that will start looking a bit creepy or weird. Use it sparingly and when it makes sense.

Another way of personalising emails is to use custom fields in the body of the email that includes some information you’ve previously collected.

For example, you may be a travel agency and you’ve previously collected information about which country people want to go to on holidays. So then you would only send information about China to those who indicated they want to holiday in China. This really personalises the experience for the person and makes it much more likely that they will want to read and open and click on your emails.

Smart Actions:

1) Check if your email delivery software is capable of personalising. If not, change it

2) Set up your emails to include the persons first name in the greeting

3) Come up with relevant information you could gather about your list that would really personalise future emails

4) Setup up the custom fields or tags in your autoresponder to all that collection

5) Come up with some emails you could send that ask that information that lets the subscriber click on a link or press a button to give their answer.

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