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Customising your emails can lead to increased open rates and more interaction. Put simply, maintaining an active list that opens, clicks, and ultimately makes more purchases from you is easier with personalized emails.

So, how can you make your emails more personalized?

Incorporate the recipient’s first name into the email. You can insert the name into either the subject line or at the start of the email content, such as saying “Hello, (Hello, Bob)”.

However, refrain from putting the recipient’s first name in every email subject line – it could come off as a bit strange or overbearing. Use it sparingly and in a context that makes sense.

An alternative strategy to personalize emails is implementing custom fields in the body of the email, containing information you’ve previously gathered.

Let’s say you run a travel agency, and you have asked your clients about their preferred holiday destination. If someone has indicated they wish to travel to China, you send them information exclusively about that country. Not only does this personalise their experience but it also increases the likelihood of them opening, reading, and clicking on your emails.

Smart Actions:

  1. Verify if your email delivery software supports personalisation. If it doesn’t, consider changing it.
  2. Configure your emails to include the recipient’s first name in the greeting.
  3. Brainstorm about relevant information you could collect from your list to truly personalise future emails.
  4. Set up the custom fields or tags in your autoresponder to facilitate this data collection.
  5. Draft some emails asking for information that allow subscribers to click on a link or press a button to provide their response.

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