The money is in the list, so they say…

What does that mean anyway… “The money is in the list“.

Your email list is a list of people who have decided they would like to hear from you because they’re interested in what you have that adds value to their life.

You should stay in touch with your list on a regular basis.

This stops the list from going cold. When they haven’t heard from you in a long time they forget what it was that they liked about you and stop being interested in opening your emails.

The value of your email list is this. When you regularly add value to your list and keep in touch with them regularly you continue to grow in value, trust, and likeability with your readers. Then, when you offer them something to purchase via email they are much more likely to buy from you than someone who doesn’t know you at all … or someone that hasn’t heard from you in 6 months!

So… the value is in the list?

I say… the value is in an engaged list.

A list that gets your emails, opens them, clicks on links to read your content and buys from you when it matches their needs.

Smart Actions:

1) Continue to grow your list

2) Send regular emails

3) Write engaging content

4) Respond to return emails in a timely manner

Need help with getting your regular newsletter out?

Here’s one option, a full ‘Done for You’ service ?  https://www.smartemail.com.au/

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Peter B Butler

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