How Many Emails Should You Send When You Make An Offer to Your List?

This question has some other questions to answer which affect the number of emails you should send when you make an offer to your list.

First question is… what is your average open rate?

Do you know what percentage of subscribers open your emails when you send them? It does fluctuate by industry but it is generally somewhere between 15 and 27%.

So that leaves a heck of a lot of your readers that won’t open the email you send.

If you send a second email say one or two days later then it is highly likely that more people will see your offer and therefore buy from you. Some will overlap and open both emails, but there will be a portion of new readers who didn’t see your first email for whatever reason.

So what I recommend when you are sending an offer out to your list is to do a an email series rather than just one.

Create a set of 3 emails minimum that offer what you have for sale. Come at it from a different angle in each one and add some scarcity to encourage people to take action.

Smart Actions:

1) Create a multi-email plan for when you send out your offers

2) Plan your offers for the year

3) Get email writing

Need ideas, need clarity, need help with the offer or the copy?


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